Benjamin 392 Air Rifle: An In-Depth Review

  • Written By Eric Crouch on April 9, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

What makes the Benjamin 392 attractive as an air rifle? Is this rifle worth your time? What are the pros and cons of the Benjamin 392 Air Rifle? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this article.

The Benjamin 392 is an extremely versatile rifle suited for a range of uses. It’s a variable pump air rifle with adjustable power that’s built in .22 caliber, it’s very hard-hitting and accurate for its price range. If you’re looking for a multi-pump air rifle to add to your collection, then the Benjamin 392 may well be the weapon of choice for you.

Accuracy and Preciseness

The Benjamin 392 is a multi-pump rifle, allowing you to adjust pressure thus affecting the power and velocity the gun produces depending on the amount it is pumped, this is great for the person looking for an air rifle they can adjust depending on the shooting situation.

This means the 392 is very accurate in most short and mid-range applications and ideal if you want to shoot low power in your backyard but also take the gun out into the field occasionally for high-powered usage.

Don’t expect this rifle to have pin-point accuracy straight out the box, it will require some adjusting of the rear sight to effectively sight this gun into your preferred range.

Remember to prime your rifle by shooting at least 25 rounds through it before sighting in your gun, a clean barrel is very different from a primed barrel and you’ll be disappointed with the accuracy of any rifle if you sight it in before priming.

The sights that come on the 392 definitely have room for improvement, however couple this gun with a half-decent scope such as the UTG Hunter Scope mounted with the Air Venturi Intermount and you’ve got an outfit that is accurate enough to pick off even the smallest prey at a fair distance. With its fixed barrel, this rifle offers excellent, consistent precision with shots over 30 yards producing groups of less than 2 inches in fair wind conditions.

Overall, the Benjamin 392 is extremely precise and tremendously accurate if coupled with a suited scope. This versatile multi-pump rifle offers the user power for most applications, making it an accurate gun for casual backyard plinking all the way to picking off small – medium game in the field.

You don’t get any of the issues related to break-barrels, such as barrel misalignment, which makes this fixed-barrel multi-pump air rifle extremely precise and consistent. On a similar note, the fact that the 392 uses compressed air for firing its pellets means you don’t get any of the issues related with springers either, such as heavy recoil or spring fatigue.

Power and Velocity

The 392’s power and velocity is very good considering it’s a multi-pump air gun in the $150 – $250 price bracket. This rifle offers the user up to 800 FPS at 13 ft-lbs of energy, giving it plenty of whack to kill anything from squirrel to raccoon within 40 yards and hit a target with a group smaller than 2 inches at up to 50 yards.

The Benjamin 392 isn’t the most powerful gun on the market however you wouldn’t be looking in the multi-pump category if you were looking for a long-range powerhouse. What this rifle does offer is above-average power and precision in its category and price-range coupled with the ability to alter power depending on the amount its pumped.

Charging Style

The Benjamin 392 Multi-Pump Air Rifle is, of course, a variable pump rifle. This charging style offers the user great versatility for a wide range of situations. Pumping four – five times is very easy, giving enough power for short-range applications (perhaps a bit of backyard plinking).

Pumping five – six times is a little tougher and offers enough power for mid-range, intermediate applications (perhaps some more serious target practice). Pumping this rifle six – eight times is a bit more of a workout for the arm but provides the user with enough power to take out small – medium game or any pests you have on your property.

Although the variable-pump action of this gun can be a little bit demanding when powering it up to its maximum power and velocity, its joy-bringing value and performance far outweigh the effort involved with charging it.

Overall, the charging style of this American classic is a feature of this gun that defines it as one of the most versatile of the air rifle classes. If you haven’t already, we recommend giving the Benjamin 392 (or any other multi-pump for that matter) a try, as the variable-pump charging style brings the user great pleasure in almost every air-powered shooting situation.

Ideal Uses

The 392 is ideal for many uses because its durability and versatility make it able to adapt to each situation it’s placed in. Although this air rifle is ideal for most situations it becomes outstanding in its field for small game hunting, pest control, and casual backyard plinking.

The 392 is also great for the serious target shooter however if you are looking for something suited for 100 yards or more, then a high-powered PCP or underlever is probably is probably your best bet.

Hunting Small Game and Controlling Pests

The Benjamin 392 is the ideal hunting rifle for small and medium game up to around 40 yards (humanely). When this gun is pumped to its max pressure it produces 13 ft-lbs of energy at a velocity of around 800 FPS (depending on your ammunition), this gives your plenty of power to pick off your favorite game and devastate any pests you have a problem with.

The 392 packs a punch and is very hard-hitting and accurate when used within its effective kill range, giving you a great rifle to crack down on that annoying pest problem on your property or have some fun in the field picking off rabbits.

This model in Benjamin’s air rifle range is one of the oldest, over the years Benjamin has fine-tuned this rifle to pin-point accuracy and the best power possible from the variable-pump system used in the 392.

Backyard Plinking and Casual Target Practice

The Benjamin 392 is the ideal air rifle for backyard plinking and target practice. Its variable pump makes it possible to adjust the power for shooting close-range in your backyard while keeping the noise down in order to keep your neighbors happy.

Four – five pumps of this gun will give you plenty of power to drive a pellet through a few cans while keeping velocity low enough to make sure your pellet doesn’t ricochet and smash someone’s window!

A few more pumps on the 392 will allow you more power and distance for some more serious longer-range target practice. Although this gun isn’t going to hit targets with the same power and speed as a pre-charged pneumatic, it does have enough power to drive a pellet through a target 50 yards+ away for a much lower price than a PCP.

At under $250 you cannot deny that this air rifle gives you plenty of bang for your buck while offering great accuracy and an article that’s built to last with little maintenance.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of the Benjamin 392 Multi-pump Air Rifle is outstanding for the price it’s offered at, it will impress even the most experienced marksman and put a smile on your face whether you’re the younger shooter or the older air rifle veteran.

When compared to other rifles in its price-range it outperforms in accuracy, precision, shot consistency and all-round durability, putting this air rifle at the top of our list for best all-rounders for under $250.

This hard-hitting multi-pump rifle will not disappoint when it comes to performance, it’ll drive a .22 pellet hard enough to take down anything from a squirrel to raccoon up to 40 yards and hit a practice target with enough force to make an impact at 50 yards+. Match this rifle with a half-decent scope and you’ll be hitting the target first time, every time with great accuracy and a decent punch.


The Benjamin 392 Multi-pump is an excellent choice for the beginner all the way to the experienced marksman. Its reliability, durability, and versatility make the 392 the ideal weapon for someone looking for a low maintenance air rifle that can suit many different uses and last for several years.

Whether you’re picking off game in the field, controlling pests on your property or simply knocking down cans in your backyard, this rifle will adapt and perform to its needed purpose in an easy to use and user-friendly way.

If you’re looking for an American classic that you can admire for its stunning looks and bring out to get dirty without worrying about it breaking on you then look no further than the Benjamin 392 Multi-Pump Air Rifle. Happy shooting!

  • Great value for money (making this rifle accessible for most)
  • Excellent accuracy (great for hunting smaller game and more serious target practice)
  • Hard-hitting at 800 FPS, 13 ft-lbs (packs a punch, ideal for quick one-shot kills)
  • Durable/ hard-wearing (the fixed barrel makes this gun very durable)
  • Brilliant stability (low recoil and good balance makes the 392 a very stable shot)
  • Good build quality (USA-built using high-quality materials)
  • Beautiful styling (nice shape to the stock and pump with Monte Carlo styling)
  • Versatile (the multi-pump action makes this gun very versatile)
  • Great scope mounting (most scopes are easily mountable)
  • The sights on the 392 have room for improvement (a good scope can improve this)
  • The trigger could be a little lighter (trigger pulls a little heavy but doesn’t affect your shot)
  • A little bit loud for a multi-pump (quiet enough for backyard use and most hunting situations)
  • Like most multi-pumps, this rifle needs 8 pumps for max power and velocity (could be a con for you if you’re not up to the task on every shot)

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