Best 30mm Scope Mounts

  • Written By Eric Crouch on March 19, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

The vast majority of accuracy problems encountered by shooters, especially novices, are due to the mount. While improper installation of the mount can have a huge impact on performance, it can also be due to an incompatible or a sub-par mount.

The easiest way to classify scope mounts is based on their size. They usually support 30mm or 1-inch (roughly 25mm) scopes. There are a few mounts that have inserts that can make them compatible with both of the scopes. However, those are usually of low-quality and have stability issues.

The best thing to do if you want to use a mount with a 30mm scope is to get a standard 30mm mount. Here, we have made a list of what you need to be wary of when looking for such a mount. After that, we have gone ahead and mentioned 5 of our favorite mounts for 30mm scopes.

5 Best 30mm Scope Mounts

Here are 5 of our favorite scope mounts that take into account all of the aforementioned factors.

Best Overall: Nikon M-Tactical 2Piece

  • Solid two-piece construction
  • Holds zero for days
  • Anodized coating
  • Aluminum construction
  • Does not work with all scopes

The Nikon M-Tactical 2Piece provides the best value to the shooter. Of course, you should not expect a lot of features at such a price. However, it does its job perfectly, and lasts for years.

Having used this mount a lot myself, I have found it to be perfect for most rifles. However, I love to use it the most on my (well, my older brother’s) old M16. The mount was designed with the AR-15 system in mind, and thus it fits incredibly well on all rifles based on the AR system.

It is made of aluminum and has been anodized. What that means is that the surface is non-reflective, thus ensuring that you will not experience any glare when using a scope with the Nikon M-Tactical.

Despite its two-piece construction, I found the M-Tactical to hold zero almost indefinitely on even high-recoil rifles. Considering the fact that I have used one regularly for years without breaking one, I would say this is the best 30mm scope mount you can get for its price.

Best One-Piece Mount: Burris Optics PEPR Scope Mount

  • Sturdy one-piece construction
  • Picatinny ring tops
  • Available in QD and non-QD variants
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Forward mounting system not ideal

This is another great mount that I have used a lot. The best thing about this is the customization options that it offers.

It has Picatinny ring tops which can be used to attach a reflex sight, flashlight, laser, etc. Due to its one-piece construction and aircraft-grade aluminum build, it does not lose zero even after an entire day of shooting.

The Burris PEPR comes in two main variants, QD and non QD. The Quick Detach variant allows you to quickly attach your mount to a rifle and remove it. However, QD mounts also experience a lot more force as they are not attached to the rifle properly and thus may not hold zero as well as the non QD variants.

Personally, I use the QD variant, but I make sure to only use it with medium-powered assault rifles. For high-recoil weapons, I prefer to use a standard non QD mount (the QD mount should still work fine with high-recoil weapons).

That said, this is still a great mount that you can get in both 30mm and 1-inch size. They both work flawlessly and deliver satisfactory on-field performance.

Best Two-Piece Mount: Warne 30mm PA Rings

  • Insanely durable
  • Available in 3 profiles
  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Fairly cheap
  • Might not hold zero if scope is improperly installed

For the best two-piece mount, we have the Warne PA Rings that are considered to be one of the most reliable scope rings in the industry. This is because they have been built in such a way to keep the riflescope in place and make sure that it does not lose its zero even after extended use.

Sadly, novices may have trouble affixing the scope to the mount in a proper manner. Setting up the Warne PA rings is generally a difficult job and it might be better for new shooters to let someone with a little more experience do it for them.

Still, the rings are very cheap, and mounting the rings themselves onto the rifle is extremely easy. The best part about the Warne PA Rings is that they come in 3 profiles. We have already mentioned the positives and negatives of each, so it is up to you to decide which one to go for.

I would recommend that you avoid the high-profile rings. If you need to use your rifle close-range, then use a reflex sight on top of the Burris PEPR instead.

Best Premium Mount: American Defense AD-Recon 30 STD

  • Premium materials
  • Anodized finish
  • Finger adjustable
  • QD Auto-Lock lever system
  • Pricey

Until now, we have taken a look at mounts that provide great value. However, if you have money that you are willing to spend, then this is the mount that you should go for.

The AD-Recon 30 is built with the professional shooter in mind. It uses 6061 T6 aluminum and has a mil-spec anodized coating to ensure there is no glare in your riflescope.

Its durable construction ensures almost unparalleled on-field performance. On top of that, the mount is finger-adjustable. This feature is often not found in many premium mounts as they are built with performance in mind and not functionality.

The AD-Recon 30 also has a patented QD Auto-Lock lever system that not only allows you to quickly attach and remove this mount but also holds it in place a lot better than most QD mounts in the market.

I would not recommend you go out of your way to purchase the AD-Recon 30. However, if you have the money, then this is the best mount to go for.

Best Budget Mount: CCOP USA 30mm Scope Mount

  • Plethora of features
  • Aptly priced
  • Fashioned from high-quality aluminum
  • High-profile is not ideal

If you are looking to save some money, then this CCOP mount is perhaps the ideal option. Despite its low-price, it is built from the same material that was used for the AD-Recon 30. On top of that, it also has an anodized finish to make sure that there is no glare in your lens.

It uses 12 Torx fasteners that make sure that the scope does not move even under heavy duress. Due to its aircraft-grade aluminum, it not only delivers fantastic on-field performance but also does not break.

Sadly, this is a high-profile mount. If you prefer your riflescope to be higher, then this will not be a problem. However, those who want to make full use of the cheekpiece may want to avoid the CCOP mount.

That said, this is easily one of the most feature-packed mounts you can get for its price. While I would still recommend going for one of the aforementioned options, those on a tight budget will find satisfactory performance from the CCOP mount.

Buying Guide For 30mm Scope Mount

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to purchasing the perfect mount for a 30mm scope. The first one needs to be which rifle you are planning to use it on.

Thankfully, most mounts nowadays are compatible with a lot of rifles. Even if they are not, there are attachments available that can convert a Picatinny rail to a weaver one and vice versa, allowing you to use the mount of your choice.

Whether you are planning to use a scope with a high-power sniper rifle or an AR-15 style weapon, here are some of the things that you must be aware of when purchasing a scope mount:


The durability of your mount depends on what rifle you plan on using with it. If you plan to use it with a high-power rifle, then the mount needs to be especially rugged as the recoil will be immense and there is a chance that it breaks the mount.

Even if it doesn’t break the mount, your scope will probably lose its zero if the mount isn’t durable enough. In fact, most shooting experts cite the scope mount as the main reason why riflescopes do not stay zeroed.

If, on the other hand, you are planning to use your scope with a weapon that does not produce immense recoil, then you can get a mount that isn’t super durable and save yourself some cash. However, I recommend going with the strongest mount available as it is guaranteed to last at least a few years.


Continuing from the last point, the best material for a scope mount is aircraft-grade aluminum. It does not bend even under the heaviest recoil and is perfect for everyone from hunters to professional target shooters.

Place of Manufacture

Chinese manufactured mounts, while cheap, are definitely not ideal. The vast majority of experienced shooters prefer their equipment to be manufactured in the US as there are stricter quality controls that ensure a finer product.

However, not all Chinese products are terrible. Those on a tight budget could find a serviceable scope mount at a much cheaper price if they go for a Chinese brand as opposed to a US one.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

While this is often considered a personal choice, remember that a one-piece mount is much easier to use and thus ideal for a novice shooter. A one-piece mount will also work better with a high-recoil weapon as it will be able to absorb some of the stress levied on it by the recoil, thus protecting the riflescope.

However, two-piece mounts are generally considered the industry standard. If you are an experienced shooter, you should have no trouble setting up a two-piece mount on your rifle. Also, two-piece mounts are slightly cheaper (on average) and will allow you to go for better quality in the same budget.


Low-profile mounts usually are more accurate than high-profile ones. However, they may not clear the barrel of certain rifles. High-profile mounts, on the other hand, may not be consistent as it will be difficult for you to use the cheekpiece when the riflescope is so high.

However, certain high-profile mounts will allow you to use the iron sights of the weapon as well. This is great for shooters who plan on using their weapons both in close-range and long-range.


The last consideration is the price. I would recommend that you keep the price a non-factor when it comes to selecting a scope mount. The mount is a foundational piece in your arsenal, and it will have a much bigger impact on your accuracy than you think.

I always say this. If you are willing to spend a thousand dollars on a rifle, then you should be willing to spend less than a quarter of that on a quality mount. A high-quality mount will last you years, so think of it as an investment.


Depending on your needs, you may find any of the 5 mounts mentioned above to be the right one for you. The biggest choice is probably whether to go for a one-piece or a two-piece mount.

If you are stuck, then I would recommend going with the Nikon M-Tactical. It may be simple, but it does its job effectively. The anodized finish along with high-quality construction ensures that it works properly and lasts long.

One last thing to remember is that since we are discussing 30mm mounts in general, it is always a good idea to check if a specific mount is compatible with your rifle. If not, then you may need to purchase additional components to use it with your weapon of choice.

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