Choosing the Best Airsoft BBs

  • Written By Eric Crouch on July 4, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Airsoft can be a fantastic game, and it’s an ideal sport if you appreciate the tactical and marksmanship elements of paintball, but also want a more military-simulated or roleplaying environment. There are tons of great Airsoft weapons, but in many ways, the quality of an Airsoft gun is determined by the type of BBs you use in conjunction with it.

Today, let’s break down the best Airsoft BBs on the market so you always have quality ammunition for your Airsoft game or target shooting competition.

How to Pick Great Airsoft BBs for Your Airsoft Gun

Figuring out which BBs you should use in your favorite Airsoft gun takes a little consideration. Keep these factors in mind and you’ll pick up a great package of BBs that perform well the next time you play a game of Airsoft.

BB Weight

For starters, consider the weight of a given package of BBs. This doesn’t mean the whole combined weight of a bottle – it’s of the weight of an individual BB since this can affect its FPS (feet per second or velocity), durability, how much it hurts, and what types of Airsoft guns a BB will work for.

There are a plethora of BB weights to consider:

  • 0.12 g BBs are extremely common, but are also extremely cheap and are mostly designed to be used with low-quality, spring-powered Airsoft weapons. These can even break apart if you try to use them for higher-powered guns like Airsoft sniper rifles, so avoid using these for anything other than casual backyard plinking
  • .2 g BBs are a little better and a little more expensive on average, but they’re still quite affordable overall and are very common in many Airsoft weapons. They don’t usually damage the interior of Airsoft guns, even higher-powered weapons. Choose these if you want a standard BB that straddles a good line between budget and quality
  • 0.25 g BBs are more popular with serious Airsoft players. These are heavier projectiles that are better for low powered Airsoft guns, as they often have excellent wind resistance and can fly farther than the other two BB categories so far
  • 0.28 g BBs are designed for even more powerful Airsoft guns, especially spring powered weapons that are used in sniper rifle roles. Consider these if you want your shooting to be accurate BBs for your next competition or game
  • 0.3 g BBs are another great choice for high powered sniper rifles and tend to be pretty accurate over long ranges
  • 0.4 g BBs are pretty expensive but are another top-tier choice for high powered sniper rifles. They can maintain accuracy and velocity at long distances

All in all, heavier BBs typically come in smaller packages and are designed for more high-powered weaponry. They also tend to be more expensive, but are also usually more accurate at a distance since their weight will prevent them from being blown around easily by the wind.

BB Type

The type of BBs you choose can impact their serviceability or capabilities.

Standard BBs usually come in plastic material, and also come in a variety of bright and dark colors. Bright colored pellets are a little easier to see, which also means that enemies will be able to trace back to where you’re shooting from more easily. Dark-colored pellets are a little harder to see, but are also more difficult for you to adjust your aim with in low light conditions.

Biodegradable BBs are some of the best on the market, particularly with outdoor games. That’s because they dissolve over time, so you don’t have to spend lots of time picking up after your Airsoft game just to clean up stray BBs that are strewn all over the field. They are a little more expensive than standard plastic BBs, but we’d recommend them whenever possible so you don’t harm any animals or the environment.

“Tracer” BBs are those that glow in the night. They can almost make your gun look like it’s shooting a laser (if you’re firing a fully automatic Airsoft gun, that is). As you can expect, these BBs are best for nighttime Airsoft games or glow-in-the-dark Airsoft games exclusively. You can find these in either standard or biodegradable varieties.

Lastly, marker BBs are coated with right powder and leave a noticeable circle or mark (which is where they get their name) whenever they hit an opponent. These are more expensive than standard BBs but they are great for ensuring that everyone plays fairly since there’s no chance of faking not being hit. In this way, they’re pretty similar to paintballs.

Number of BBs in a Container

Definitely consider how many BBs come in a given container before making a purchase. The number of BBs you get can will impact a bottle or package’s value for money. More BBs per dollar means a more budget-friendly choice.

However, cheaper and less reliable BBs often come in bulk packages and may not be the best pick if you’re in the market for quality. All in all, you’ll have to balance how many BBs you need with your budget maximum when purchasing – just keep the number in mind so you don’t buy packages that are too small or that you burn through too quickly.


You can also consider the colors of your BBs, which we touched on earlier. However, this is the least important factor out of all the others. We’d recommend using this factor more as a tiebreaker if there are two very similar BB choices on the market and you need to pick between one or the other.

Top Airsoft BB Recommendations

Black Ops Biodegradable Airsoft BBs

These are the best Airsoft BBs you can get in both quantity and quality, and for an affordable asking price to boot. Every BB is biodegradable, and each BB’s weight is 0.2 g, so they’re great for typical Airsoft weaponry without being too cheap or too pricy. The BBs are “match grade” which just means that they’re ideal for serious Airsoft games instead of just backyard plinking.

The BBs feature a white color that makes them easy to see without being distracting. Furthermore, each BB is designed without a ton of bubbles or flaws that might affect their accuracy or performance over the long term. The BBs are triple polished so they can withstand abuse from even powerful Airsoft guns without breaking or splintering midflight.

  • All biodegradable
  • Come in the best common weight
  • All BBs are polished for performance
  • Lots of BBs in the package
  • Container lid spigot can jam

Bottom Line

While you may have to pour these BBs out into your magazines by hand, they’re still a great choice overall and provide tons of value for money.

Ocean Loong 0.12g BBs

These BBs are a much cheaper alternative; you get 2000 0.12 g rounds for the purchase. It’s an overall very affordable choice, but keep in mind that these BBs are extremely low quality and are better for backyard plinking instead of serious Airsoft games or competitions.

The BBs come in a bright yellow color to make them visible in practically any environment. This is also good since they aren’t biodegradable, so you’ll need to pick up after them if you decide to use them in an outdoor environment. These are really great as starter Airsoft BBs as opposed to anything you would use in a serious context.

The BBs do come with an easy-to-pour spout at the top of the lid. So this makes them easy to funnel in your magazines for quick loading.

  • Very affordable for anyone
  • Tons of BBs in the bottle
  • Very lightweight and common BB designs
  • Bright colors make them easy to see
  • Comes with a cap for easy pouring
  • Individual BB quality isn’t very high
  • Not biodegradable

Bottom Line

These are great as starter ammunition or as ammunition for testing out the other aspects of an Airsoft gun. Get them if you’re really strapped for cash or if you’re not too concerned about performance.

Crosman 6mm Biodegradable BBs

These BBs take us back into the biodegradable choices. They weigh 0.2 g each and feature a bright white color to make them extremely easy to see in any environment. But don’t worry about using these outdoors since their biodegradability will ensure that they don’t stick around for too long.

Each BB is double polished and features a seamless spherical design. This just means that the BBs won’t catch on the interior of your Airsoft weaponry or otherwise accidentally splinter or shatter into a million pieces. Their performance should be great across the board, even when used with higher-powered Airsoft weaponry.

We also like that these BBs come with a pouring spout at the top that is easy to use for filling your magazines. It’s wide enough that the spigot shouldn’t jam very often.

  • Excellent color for visibility
  • All BBs are biodegradable
  • Good asking price for how many BBs you get
  • Come with an easy to pour spout
  • BBs are polished for performance
  • Some BBs can jam some guns – experiment before using these as staple ammo

Bottom Line

Overall, they’re a good choice if you want to balance budget and quality. They’re not the best Airsoft BBs on the market in terms of sheer performance but they do a good job nonetheless.

Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BBs

These Airsoft BBs are much more premium than the other selections we’ve seen so far. They have a relatively affordable asking price even with their high quality, and you can select bottles with either 2700 or 5000 BBs depending on your quantity needs.

Every BB weighs 0.25 g and is polished to total perfection. These high-quality BBs are designed for tactical scenarios and serious Airsoft games. The polishing ensures that the BBs load and shoot smoothly in every Airsoft gun you want to use them with. They even come in a stylish bottle that’s distinct from most other BB containers on the market.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with an easy to pour spout or spigot. You’ll have to hand pour the BBs into your magazines and make sure not to spill them all over the area.

  • BBs are biodegradable
  • All these come polished for perfection
  • BBs come in a stylish carrying bottle
  • BBs are a little heavier than most of the BBs on the market
  • Bottle doesn’t make it easy to pour the BBs into a magazine

Bottom Line

These are a great choice if you want excellent BBs and a ton of them, as this pick doesn’t skimp on either aspect.

Game Face Match Grade Airsoft BBs

This last container of Airsoft BBs holds 5000 projectiles total, each weighing 0.2 g. The BBs are double polished to ensure that they don’t jam very easily, although you’ll still find that they have some issues from time to time when combined with high powered Airsoft weaponry.

Still, this is an overall good choice and the BBs are painted bright white to make them easy to see in your environment. They are unfortunately not biodegradable, so you’ll need to pick them up from your environment if you play a game outside.

You do get a ton of BBs for a very affordable asking price, so they’re a good choice if you’re in the market for bulk ammunition. It’s too bad that the container doesn’t have a pouring spout, however.

  • BBs are bright white for easy visibility
  • All BBs polished to boost performance
  • Tons of BBs in the purchase
  • Very reasonable asking price
  • BBs are not biodegradable
  • Container makes it hard to pour into magazine

Bottom Line

It’s ultimately the best choice if you’re in the market for tons of BB ammunition, either for practicing or backyard fun, or if you need lots of fully automatic ammo for “spray and pray” Airsoft weaponry.


All in all, any of the above five choices will provide you with great BBs for your next Airsoft game. Just consider all their factors carefully before making a purchase so you grab the best ammo for your unique needs. Good luck and good hunting!

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