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  • Written By Eric Crouch on July 4, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Airsoft is a super fun sport, but it also comes with a little danger – maybe that’s part of the fun! Regardless, everyone playing Airsoft needs to wear proper protective gear to avoid getting seriously hurt over the course of a game. Airsoft masks provide a crucial layer of protection between your face (which contains several sensitive spots like your eyes and mouth) and BB projectiles.

In this guide, we’ll break down the best Airsoft masks and help you learn what to focus on so you can pick out a great mask for your needs. Let’s get started.

How to Choose an Airsoft Mask

Buying any Airsoft mask means that you’ll need to compare the features of different masks against one another. Doing this will ensure that you pick the right mask for your needs.

Full or Half Face?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Airsoft masks you’ll find on the market: full face masks and half face masks. Both can be advantageous, but each also comes with a few downsides.

Full face masks provide comprehensive protection for your entire face. They’re useful since you don’t need multiple pieces of equipment to protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and other sensitive skin around your face area. Since Airsoft BBs can pack quite a punch, wearing a full face mask ensures that you won’t be overly uncomfortable or harmed during even the most aggressive Airsoft games.

However, half face masks can also be a great choice since they allow for greater customizability. Half face Airsoft masks normally only protect the bottom part of your face: your nose, mouth, and most of your jaw will be covered while your eyes and forehead will be left uncovered. As a result, you’ll be able to combine these masks with separate goggles, bandannas, and other gear if you want a more personalized kit.

The downside to a half face mask is that you have to buy other gear in order to adequately protect all your sensitive parts. So full face masks are sometimes more budget-friendly.

Either way, both types of Airsoft masks can be useful in protective. Consider which one will work best with the Airsoft gear you already have on hand and your budget level for best results.


The material of an Airsoft mask will also determine its overall suitability. While you can find a few Airsoft masks made with more advanced or composite materials, the vast majority of masks will be made of either plastic or steel mesh.

Plastic Airsoft masks usually provide enough protection against Airsoft BBs for most players. Plastic masks are very lightweight and can easily be painted or otherwise colored for personalization. Plastic masks provide full protection against even small or fast-moving BBs since there aren’t any holes through which BBs or BB shrapnel can get through to impact your skin.

The downside to plastic masks is that they aren’t very breathable compared to steel mesh masks.

Steel mesh masks provide significant protection from individual BB hits. However, if a BB shatters, there’s a chance that it’ll splinter and a few shards might get through to scratch the surface of your skin.

Still, steel mesh masks allow you to breathe and vent CO2 more easily, meaning there’s less likelihood of your goggles fogging up. Steel mesh masks are also pretty lightweight and will prevent your face from getting hot when playing outside games in warm weather.

You can sometimes find plastic mesh masks, which combine the best of both worlds and are pretty durable while also being breathable. These are much rarer, however, and may not be as durable as full plastic masks.

More affordable Airsoft masks may be made of nylon mesh. These are usually quite affordable and comfortable. Just be aware that they don’t provide the same level of protection at a typical plastic or steel mesh mask.


Consider the adjustability of a given Airsoft mask before making a purchase. In general, masks are adjustable via straps on the back, which allow you to tighten or loosen the mask’s fit around your neck or the back of your head. Adjustable masks are great if you want to quickly move your mask up and down or if you want to fiddle with it for a comfortable fit.

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend going for a nonadjustable mask at all. Odds are that you won’t find a mask that’s comfortable for your head size on your first try. There’s no real reason for a great Airsoft mask to not have adjustable straps.

Straps are usually made of elastic or similar materials. These can come in several strap pairs, and some masks offering up to six straps for ultimate adjustability. You might also find pull-through straps, which are more durable than elastic bands and which won’t wear out over time.


Think about the venting capabilities of a given Airsoft mask. Venting is a necessary component if you plan on using a full face mask with goggles, as it’ll prevent the goggle lenses from fogging up with your exhalation. Venting is also useful since it stops your face from becoming too hot, which may be more important depending on where you play Airsoft.

Just make sure than any vented mask has holes that are smaller than the 6 mm typical size for Airsoft BBs. This prevents them from accidentally slipping through the mesh or venting and hurting your face.

Pattern or Aesthetics

The last thing to think about is aesthetics or any patterns that might come on an Airsoft mask. Some masks come pre-painted with different symbols or artistic images (like skulls, military camouflage, etc.). These features don’t necessarily affect the actual performance of an Airsoft mask but might make you prefer it over another one that’s pretty similar.

You can also try to find blank Airsoft masks that will allow you to paint your own designs onto their surfaces. Ultimately, this is just a preferential factor and something you should consider after all the other aspects mentioned above.

Top Airsoft Masks

OneTigris Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask

This is a top choice Airsoft mesh mask for several reasons. For starters, you can select it in several different colors and patterns, so it’s pretty customizable even though the material is made of nylon and mesh. The nylon fabric in question is fairly comfortable and allows the mask to easily be folded for easier transportation or storage.

The mesh makes things extremely breathable, and there’s even mesh padding around the sides of the ears so you don’t compromise your hearing during an Airsoft game. It features twin strap support with a skull cap band to ensure that it’ll fit most users.

The mesh material is pretty durable, as it’s tested for 800 FPS impact performance. While it’s not strictly as protective as steel or plastic, it’s still quite tough and provides good water and dirt resistance as well.

  • Very easy to fold for storage
  • Super comfortable compared other masks
  • Adjustable to ensure a secure fit
  • Comes in several colors and aesthetics
  • Fairly durable for a fabric
  • Not as tough as full plastic

Bottom Line

All in all, it’s a fantastic choice for a half face Airsoft mask, balancing comfort, customizability, and durability all at the same time without being too expensive.

Anyoupin Airsoft Mesh and Goggles Set

This is another good choice if you want lots of value for money. It features a steel mesh, half face mask that can protect you from Airsoft BB impacts without compromising breathability or venting. At the same time, the kit comes with a pair of high-quality protective Airsoft goggles. While it isn’t a full face Airsoft mask, it has both of the main features that such a mask would come with anyway.

The steel mask is sealed with lead-free elastic headbands and straps, so it’s easy to adjust for comfort. The mesh pattern is also small enough that BBs shouldn’t get through. The goggles, meanwhile, are made with polycarbonate lenses that are durable and that afford a pretty good field-of-view.

  • Comes with a pair of high-quality goggles
  • Can purchase set in multiple colors
  • Mesh mask is comfortable and very breathable
  • Easy to adjust both pieces
  • Ears and sides of the face aren’t very protected

Bottom Line

This goggles and mask set is a great choice if you have neither and want a pair of matching pieces that allow for great protection and adjustability.

ATAirsoft Tactical Protective Airsoft Skull Mask

This tactical Airsoft mask is a full face model made of durable plastic and molded in the shape of a skull. As such, it’s a fearsome Airsoft mask that also affords plenty of protection.

It has venting holes on either side of the mask to ensure that the goggles built into the mask don’t fog up too much, although you’ll still have some trouble in particularly hot or humid environments. Still, the advantage is that the mask is one of the most durable you can find on the market, offering unparalleled protection from even the most high powered Airsoft BBs.

It also doesn’t weigh too much and features a series of adjustable straps on the back so you can fine-tune the fit for your comfort.

  • Has a great, competitive aesthetic
  • Made with highly durable plastic
  • Very easy to adjust for comfort
  • Has vents for breathability and anti-fogging
  • Goggles still fog up from time to time

Bottom Line

This is ultimately a great choice if you’re more interested in full face protection than overall comfort and you don’t mind the possibility of your goggles fogging up a little bit here and there.

OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask

Here’s another high-quality full face mask, featuring a largely plastic design that also includes metal mesh eye protection. This is pretty distinct from other masks, which usually utilize goggles. The mesh eye protection design means that you don’t need to worry about your vision fogging up in the middle of the game. But you compromise a little bit of accuracy since the mesh pattern may clutter your vision a little bit.

Still, it’s quite a durable mask thanks to its high-quality plastic material. It’s also designed in the shape of a fearsome skull pattern with United States colors by default (although other colors and aesthetics are available as well).

The mask features perforated mouth and nose sections to ensure you can breathe and communicate with your teammates capably. It also comes with padding on the forehead and nose for extra comfort, plus six adjustable straps.

  • Very protective for your entire face
  • Very comfortable overall
  • Allows you to breathe and communicate well
  • Comes in several excellent designs or patterns
  • Mesh eye protection could make it hard to hit distant targets

Bottom Line

It’s an extremely comfortable and durable mask overall with the sole exception of the eye mesh sockets, which provide excellent protection at the cost of a little vision detail.

No B Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask

This last Airsoft mask is a foldable and tactical design that includes an adjustable baseball cap. It’s made with nylon fabric and mesh, so it’s pretty comfortable while still being able to protect you from all but the most hard-hitting Airsoft BBs pretty well. Just be sure to grab a pair of Airsoft goggles, as this kit doesn’t come with any by default.

It does come with mesh ear protectors, so it’s easy to hear what’s going on around the battlefield even while sealed into the mask. There aren’t any pressure points on the face to allow for ultimate ventilation and breathability. The soft padding on the fabric cheeks makes it one of the most comfortable masks on the market.

It also comes in several colors, so it’s easy to combine with your existing kit for style points.

  • Very breathable and comfortable
  • Offers good durability despite being a fabric
  • Has mesh patterns over the ears to ensure hearing
  • Comes with an adjustable cap for sun protection
  • No goggles

Bottom Line

This is a great choice if you really like fabric protective masks for their comfort and breathability, and particularly if you already have a set of great Airsoft goggles you want to combine with it.


In the end, each of the five Airsoft masks above are great choices for general Airsoft players. But the right pick for you will heavily depend on your unique needs, preferences, and comfort level. Consider your options carefully and you’ll be more likely to pick out a perfect Airsoft mask on your first try. Thanks for reading!

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