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  • Written By Eric Crouch on August 14, 2018
    Last Updated: February 4, 2021

A lot of people invest on the best BB guns not only for recreational purposes, but for other activities and purposes too. For many people who raise livestock or tend land, the air guns and rifles can be used to fend away pests.

Air guns and rifles do not obligate owners to acquire licenses just to own and use it and many times it can do the job of ridding land of these vermin. Using it does not require much training as well.

A good lot of individuals buy BB guns though for recreation however keep in mind that these items must not be considered as playthings since irresponsible use of these mechanisms can lead to injury.

Photo by Zac Wong/ CC BY

If you want to start gun use training, you can begin with a BB gun. They are more affordable compared to real guns and are user-friendly to boot.

If you are on the lookout for a good product, this guide will help steer you to a model that is right for you. Apart from extra information, I will also include 5 of the best BB guns on the market in a short series of reviews.

NOTE: If you’re wondering what the difference between BB guns and pellet guns are, check out our in-depth breakdown

Top 5 BB Guns: Comparison Table

ProductsPowerActionFPSWeightDimensionsView on Amazon
1107803 Daisy Red Ryder Shooting Fun Starter KitAir/PneumaticSpring Piston3502.2 lbs.37 x 2 x 5 inchesCheck Price
Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Medium)Air/PneumaticSemi-Automatic4801.2 lbs.9.5 x 3 x 9.2 inchesCheck Price
Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle .177 CaliberMulti-pumpBolt actionPellet: 700 BB: 6603.56 lbs.34.00 x 2.50 x 8.50 inchesCheck Price
Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air RifleSpring pneumaticBreak barrel1,0006.95 lbs.48.00 x 8.00 x 10.00 inchesCheck Price
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and BB RevolverCO2/Green GasCO2-enabled4652.0 lbs.11.38 inchesCheck Price

Best Picks of BB Guns

Best Overall : Daisy 1107803 Red Ryder Shooting Fun Starter Kit 35.4″ Length

Daisy 1107803 Red Ryder Shooting Fun Starter Kit 35.4" Length

The 1107803 Daisy Red Ryder starter kit is a simple and easy to use model with lots of precision for beginner BB gun enthusiasts. If you are searching for the best BB guns for kids as a gift for your child or nephew/niece, this is a good recommendation.

Target practice can be done with this model due to its user-friendly nature. One only needs to cock, load then shoot it.

If you want to reload ammo on it, users only had to fill the BBs inside the slot and it’s ready for use once more. It has a sizable shot capacity too at 650 so you can carry a few supplies of it and train or have fun with your airsoft buddies for hours.

When it comes to velocity, the model has 350 FPS so it is ideal for vermin or hunting small animals. The model comes with a striking, classic design which will satisfy enthusiasts with an eye for aesthetics.

Cocking and firing the gun makes for easy engagement as well since its spring air, lever-cocking action makes it simple to do so. This is indeed a nice, simple and safe number for the kids to try out.

Highlighted Features
  • Has spring-air, lever cocking action
  • Includes blade and ramp front plus adjustable open rear
  • Includes crossbolt trigger block for safety
  • Has maximum shooting distance of 195 yards
  • Has capacity of 650 shots

Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Black, Medium)

Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Black, Medium)

Next on my list of BB guns reviews is Umarex’s airgun version of the Smith and Wesson M&P. Pistol airguns like this type are good for hunting vermin and this version thus far have proven it works immensely well.

It has exceptional quality with a price frugal BB gun buffs would appreciate. Another advantage of this unit is that it can shoot not only BBs but pellets as well.

The yellow dot sights are quite user-friendly while the windage can be modified according to your specifications. It contains both single and double action trigger plus a rifled barrel too.

The design of the unit was well-thought most particularly for the CO2 access. I don’t mind that the gun has some polymer features however it has sufficient amounts of metal components too for substance and heft.

But for people inclined on a truly exact replica of the Smith and Wesson model, the inclusion of polymer parts might be a disappointment. Another disadvantage of this unit is the lack of an extractor pin, which limits the overall genuine M&P feel.

Highlighted Features
  • Great version of the Smith and Wesson M&P 40
  • Has excellent ergonomics with textured grips
  • Includes polymer chassis and low-profile 3-dot style sights
  • Has dovetail-mounted front sight
  • Can be adjusted for windage
  • Includes Picatinny rail under barrel

Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump .177 Air Rifle

Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump .177 Air Rifle

For enthusiasts who want a model that can take up pellets and BBs, the Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle may be worth a try.

The pellet clip can contain up to 5 pellets while the reservoir can contain a max of 350 BBs. The capacity for both ammo is an advantage since users won’t need to fill up their load constantly while doing target shooting or training.

The unit has a high-pressurized tank that can contain air and will not require a carbon dioxide cartridge. Users should pump the lever up to 1 to 10 times prior to pulling trigger but because the lever has excellent placement, it makes for a hassle-free procedure.

The model can shoot up to 6 yards which is an adequate distance. It has steady, reliable power too and this makes for a nice unit for taking care of vermin in your yard.

Crosman is known for its affordable lineup of BB guns so this is a great starter model for teens and beginners in the hobby. While it did well for taking on smaller animals, this is not meant for competitive shooting.

Highlighted Features
  • Has shot capacity of 350 BBs
  • Comes with adjustable elevation and windage
  • Has loop slots for slings
  • Comes with dual aperture rear sight
  • Includes accessory rails for lasers, scopes, cameras and flashlights

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

Budget BB gun enthusiasts will be glad to know of another affordable and worthwhile unit in the form of the Ruger Blackhawk. This is packs plenty of punch and has the capability to take on vermin or smaller game at 50 yards max.

The unit provides excellent precision and one only needs a single shot to undertake prey. This is also a model that perfectly fits the needs of beginners who want to learn how to use such units.

Another advantage of this unit is that it works well with a selection of ammo unlike other models. This is not a picky unit since it can sustain great performance with the help of high-end or low-quality pellets.

The model is steady and it can generate solid groupings too. In case you are the type who likes to have fun with their units come rain or shine, you might be happy to find out that this is an all-weather stock which can be used no matter the weather.

There are a few drawbacks though; if you like using scopes, it can be a challenge to sight it in so expect to shell out a few more bucks for another scope.

It has tons of power alright, and this can be a bother for some following a series of shots since nonstop recoil leads to screws slackening from the unit.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with rifled barrel
  • Has adjustable 2-stage trigger
  • Has front and rear sights
  • Includes scope with rings and Picatinny rail

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and FFP BB Revolver

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and FFP BB Revolver

The Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante is just the thing for air gun buffs who are into revolver designs. This is a dependable model due to the fact that it displays no hanging back in the shooting procedure hence leading to hassle-free shots as soon as the user pulls the trigger.

The unit also includes an adjustable rear sight plus other extras which the user can take advantage of; users can choose to add spotlights or lasers to further improve their performance.

In terms of build and construction, the unit is very sturdy so expect it to last loads of training or target practice.

Another advantage of this model is that it provides ambidextrous holding care of its textured grip. In addition, it includes an intentional rail sight structure that allows users to adjust back sight so they can close in on their target efficiently.

A drawback of this unit though is that using .177 pellets might not be effective for tackling small game.

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet/ BB Revolver, FFP
  • FUELED BY ONE 12-gram CO2 CARTRIDGE - Delivers speeds up to 435 fps (CO2 cartridge not included)
  • 10-ROUND .177-CALIBER ROTARY PELLET CLIP - (Pellets not included)
  • 6-ROUND 4.5mm ROTARY BB CLIP - (BBs not included)
Highlighted Features
  • Comes with fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight
  • Provides single or double action
  • Operates with 12-gram carbon dioxide cartridge
  • Has manual safety
  • Includes weaver rail beneath barrel

What is the Best BB Gun?

There are lots of air guns and rifles in the market today and it can be difficult choosing a model that will fit your needs. However there are ways to make decisions come up faster by getting the right information about models you are interested in.

What is the best BB gun for the money then? For one, it should have consistent quality, has sufficient power, easy to use, produces tight groupings and has a price that provides value for your money.

In the following portions of this guide, I am going to discuss the crucial factors that will make buying the right stock a breeze for you.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best BB Gun

Before reading BB rifle reviews or reviews on pistol models, it is important that you get sufficient knowledge of the different types of BB guns out there.

Types of BB Guns

Variable pump

Variable pump-type air guns are great starter units for newbies of the hobby, teens and plinkers. In this type of unit, the air pressure is amplified with each stroke thus leading to shots which can effectively tackle activities like target practice.


The break-barrel kind is also known in the business as break action. This type makes use of the barrel as a sort of device to squeeze a gas piston or steel spring.

This kind is usually recommended for hunting since it does not need any additional power source like an air pump or CO2 cartridge and it packs lots of power too.


The CO2 kind functions by initiating ammo through compressed gas instead of burning propellants. CO2 is typically seen on air rifles and pistols.

PCP (Precharged pneumatics)

This type of air gun is boosted to higher pressures coming from an outside air resource. It has the ability to convey ammo that comes with a bigger caliber and weight, hence making them excellent guns for taking on bigger game.

This type also comes with a fixed barrel which provides them superior precision.

Kinds of Activities

Next, you have to factor in the type of BB gun activity you want to participate in. Here are some of the usual activities that require the use of the mechanism.

Target shooting/plinking

Plinking or target shooting is usually done in the backyard and the perfect stock for this is something that is capable enough to take down bottles or objects without releasing loud noises which can bother your neighbors.


Hunting involves taking on small, medium and big game. You need a model that has enough power which corresponds well to the size and weight of the game you want to tackle.


There are air gun competitions held in all parts of the country and the market does not lack models which have the needed features in order for shooters to succeed in their undertaking.

Pest control

BB guns are the top pics of landowners and farmers since they are affordable, quiet, easy to use and based on the stock, low in terms of power. Pests commonly refer to pigeons, crows, rats and other smaller animals.

Top BB Gun Brands

You might have noticed that a good lot of the products reviewed on this guide have features and construction that worked very well.

The Crosman brand in particular is a great company to check out—in case you are on a budget and need stock that has excellent features that won’t break the bank, you can check out the brand and look at their range of top rated BB guns.

If you want superior air pistol/gun copies of the best weapons in the world, you can check out Umarex. The brand has been known for their consistent quality, sufficient power and striking designs.

The Umarex product evaluated in this guide, which is neat BB gun version of Smith and Wesson’s famed M&P has the feel of the original but with user-friendly details.

Meanwhile if you are after rifles with lots of power, you may want to check out the Ruger brand. Ruger has an unswerving following of air rifle buffs who depend on their range for their powerful, reliable units which generate topnotch groupings.

Then again, the best brand may depend on the user; we are loyal to the brands who have never failed us. The company mentioned in this article might not be the first choice of some enthusiasts so in the end, the brand that works for you is something that has been proven to manufacture high-quality, unfailing products.

Advantages of Owning a BB Gun

Investing on high quality BB guns have their advantages. More often than not, this type of gun is often utilized for training beginners who want to know how to use such mechanisms for a purpose.

BB guns are easy to use and more affordable compared to the real McCoy. Hence it is an inexpensive way to learn how to use a firearm and improve your shooting skills and accuracy.

These units can be employed for a range of purposes which also takes in competitive use. Lots of individuals often prefer making use of BB guns since they are cost-effective, user-friendly and one can also accessorize it with nifty additions that they want to enhance their performance.

Soldiers also use these units for practice and improving their weapon skills. By using this kind of gun, one can take in the inventive, modern means by which they can gain from contemporary fighting/self-defense methods.

Furthermore, it has been brought up that lots of landowners, farmers and individuals who raise cattle prefer using BB guns to protect their land and livestock from pests. These items are budget-friendly, very simple to use and they often have excellent quality too, pretty much like real firearms.

Thus if you are interested in owning one, make sure that you invest on the item that best fits your needs and the activity that you want to pursue. Get the right air gun or rifle that you need for your hunting, plinking or competition needs.

The market has so much to offer that there is a model out there for different tastes and capabilities.

Maintenance Tips

You need to take care of your air pistol or BB hunting rifles the right way just like any other mechanical unit out there. There are people though who neglect their units thus the item breaks down prematurely or displays poor performance during an activity.

You have to guarantee that you will allot some time to maintain your gun. Here are some tips on how to take care of it the right way.

Make sure to keep the barrel clean at all times

This is the part of the gun which plenty of people often disregard. A grubby barrel results to a lower FPS, jamming and at worse, damage to the gearbox.

One simple way to clean it is using the cleaning rod which comes with the unit. Make use of a gun-cleaning path plus a tiny quantity of BB gun-safe silicone lubricant.

Moisten a clean cloth or rag with the lube then wipe the barrel with it to take away dirt. Go over the procedure once more until the rag comes out cleanly.

Guarantee that the hop-up is lubricated at all times

The hop-up manages the quantity of rotation on the BB whenever the user pulls the trigger. It is made of rubber usually and it can dry up and turn tacky over time.

To avoid low FPS, jamming and inconsistent shooting because of a dirty hop-up, spray the chamber where the BBs get into the gun with the same silicone lube that you used to clean the barrel.

Rest the spring following usage

Firing one or two shots following an activity can reset the spring of the unit and get rid of pressure from it. This will make the spring last longer and stop it from breaking down prematurely.

Keep the gun in a safe, cool place

Whenever the gun is not in use, make sure that you store it in a cool, dry and clean spot away from extreme temperatures or young children.

Final Verdict

Nearly all of the products performed beautifully, but I have finally decided on just one model that have made the cut; the Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle .177 Caliber.

One of the things that I really appreciate about this model is the fact that it is versatile; you can use pellets and BBs on it. Another great thing about this model is that it has the appearance and the feel of an authentic M4-AR too.

It is lightweight, has enough power and FPS and it gives off quiet operations too. It is precise and I have plenty of control over its power by means of the pumping action.

In addition, it has a Picatinny rail and efficient dual-aperture sights too for enhanced accuracy. All in all, this is a beneficial and modifiable synthetic stock which rightfully belongs to the best BB guns category.

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