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When you’re using an AR-10, you’re normally marveling at how far it can shoot and how powerful its shots remain even at a distance. There are plenty of reasons why the AR-10 has stood the test of time, and why it’s useful for military operatives and for hobbyist gun enthusiasts alike.

But the rifle’s performance can be bolstered when it’s paired with one of the best bipods for AR-10s. That’s why we’ve collected some of the top bipods on the market for combination with this rifle. Let’s dive into them now.

The Best AR-10 Bipods

UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod

  • Can swivel 360°
  • Has five preset locking positions
  • Legs are fully adjustable
  • Can change leg height with a thumbwheel
  • Made with durable all-metal material
  • More expensive compared to other bipod’s

The UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod does exactly what it says in the title: allows you to adjust the tension for 360° panning. It utilizes an innovative multiaxial base, which is something you don’t usually see with rifle bipods.

It also has a bidirectional folding design with five locking positions. All this is to say that it’s an incredibly versatile bipod and works well with the multiple functions and AR-10 weapon platform can perform.

The legs are fully adjustable and have five preset lengths that can be changed via a thumbwheel. You can stretch the legs between 6.69 inches to 9.12 inches depending on your preferences. Additionally, the bipod is made almost entirely with metal and boasts a squared steel crossbeam for mounting with Picatinny rails.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is one of the toughest bipod on the market in terms of overall durability and sturdy design. It’s also great if you want to maintain 360° coverage around your area: ideal for tactical scenarios.

CVLIFE 9-13 Inches Bipod

  • Very easy to use
  • Can be quickly attached or detached
  • Has 10 different length settings
  • Very lightweight but durable
  • Affordable asking price
  • Top pad isn’t very gentle on fore-end

This classic bipod is both affordable and capable. The legs can be extended between 9 inches and 13 inches, which is the standard for most bipods for typical rifle builds. It’s made of hardened steel and aluminum and has an anodized black finish to prevent rust or corrosive damage.

As a result, it’s lightweight and durable and is a good fit for any AR-10 rifle. There are 10 preset settings for different leg lengths, allowing you to quickly swap between elevations heights if necessary. You can also quickly attach or detach this bipod from your AR-10 thanks to a swiveling stud control.

Bottom Line

The snappy design and versatile functionality of this bipod will make it a favorite for AR-10 users alike to be ready for any situation.

UTG New Gen Hi Pro Shooters Bipod

  • Provides an iron grip when necessary
  • Can quickly be collapsed or extended
  • Made with heavy-duty all metal materials
  • Has finger controls for folding and unfolding legs
  • Elevation range is a bit limited

This UTG bipod is very quick to attach or detach thanks to its design. But you can also use an anti-rotation steel crossbar insert if you want to lock your AR-10 in position and maintain stability even as you let off multiple rounds in rapid succession. The bipod is made with full metal construction for enhanced durability even under duress.

It also features a patented quick detachable lever to let you rapidly deploy or detach the bipod when necessary. The extendable legs use a lockable collar and spring tension mechanisms to quickly extended the position, with heights ranging from 8.7 inches to 10.6 inches. You can even use the posi-lock control with your finger to quickly fold or unfold the legs and secure them at the height that works best for use.

The rubberized feet are durable but aren’t very tall, so they should be relatively solid and stable even with loose dirt terrain.

Bottom Line

This stable bipod is a fantastic choice for heavy-duty AR-10 builds and those who want maximum stability and the ability to lock their AR-10 in position firmly.

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal OD Bipod

  • Very durable, especially against inclement weather
  • Made with full metal construction and durable rubber
  • Feet are well-shaped
  • Has quick detach lever and optional swivel stud
  • Only works for Picatinny mounting rails

This bipod is a full metal pick that’s well-suited for the power inherent in the AR-10’s design. It uses protective rubber-armored legs to stand up to harsh environments and inclement weather. It’s no stretch to say that this bipod is possibly the toughest bipod overall on the market, especially since every other part is made of metal as well.

It utilizes a Picatinny mounting design with a quick detach lever. This allows you to quickly install it or take it off your AR-10 so long as you have the same mounting rail installed already. There’s also an optional swivel stud mount adapter included with the purchase; this will allow you to rotate your rifle once it’s locked onto the bipod.

The rubber feet are particularly nice, featuring a unique shape that digs into the ground and ensures stability even in slippery environments or with particularly loose dirt.

Bottom Line

This bipod is another high-quality choice that’s perfect for hunters for marksmen that get down in the dirt frequently. It can provide excellent stability even when the terrain around you shifts from the weather.

Caldwell XLA Fixed Pic Rail Bipod

  • Very affordable for most
  • Made with lightweight yet durable materials
  • Has padded top
  • Can quickly be collapsed or expanded
  • Only for Picatinny rails
  • Can’t swivel or pivot

This last pick is a fixed bipod design, so it won’t allow you to swivel or adjust your targeting very easily. But it makes up for this flaw thanks to its collapsible design and its special matched legs.

It only weighs 8 ounces and can extend its legs between 6 inches and 9 inches. The legs have special notches that allow you to quickly index or adjust based on your needs. Furthermore, the legs can quickly fold up for fast transporting and you can mount the bipod as a whole on any Picatinny rail.

The bipod is made with lightweight but durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Additional rubber feet at the ends keep the bipod stable even on uneven terrain. The pad at the top of the bipod is also rubberized to provide enhanced stability and protect the fore-end of your rifle

Bottom Line

This affordable choice is great for stable AR-10 users who aren’t concerned about tracking targets but who want something that will keep the fore-end of their weapon looking great.

Why Use a Bipod with an AR-10?

The AR-10 rifle is the more powerful and longer-range cousin to the AR-15. Both are extremely popular assault rifle models and are widely used both in America and around the world, second only to the AK rifle line. That’s because both of these AR models provide excellent stopping power and fantastic accuracy at range.

But the AR-10 is especially well known for taking accurate long-distance shots without compromising on power or killing efficiency. It’s favorable for tactical scenarios and for hunting situations, as well as for target practice competitions.

But although the AR-10 is a fantastic rifle in its own right, it can also be combined with a phenomenal bipod that delivers even better stability. Stability matters most when you are trying to use your AR-10 at long ranges. Being off by even half a centimeter from your perspective can easily translate to dozens or hundreds of yards off the mark from your target.

In essence, getting a bipod for your AR-10 is a good idea if you frequently use it while you are prone or seated and if you frequently use the weapon to hit long-distance shots.

What to Look For in an Excellent Bipod

Finding a top-tier AR-10 bipod is easy if you pay attention to the following major factors.

Can It Lock?

Many excellent bipods have locking features that allow you to freeze the legs and/or tilting mechanisms in place. These stabilize the AR-10 and allow you to take rapid-fire shots at long distances without having to compromise on stability. Most lockable bipods are also really easy to unlock and pack up if you need to change positions in a hurry.

Some bipods also allow you to lock the elevation through preset heights. This is convenient if you need to set the bipod up in a hurry or if you have a favorite elevation you use most of the time.

Adjustable Legs

The legs of a bipod are arguably the most important part of the entire accessory. Some legs can be adjusted by themselves while others can only be adjusted in conjunction with their partner. In most cases, we would recommend going with a bipod that has independently adjustable legs. This will allow you to use the bipod on more uneven terrain and compensate for hunting positions that may be a little tenuous.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the elevations offered by a given bipod. The vast majority of stabilizing bipods can adjust between series of several inches, like 6 inches and 9 inches for 10 inches to 15 inches. Some bipods can go even higher and lift your AR-10 between 15 inches and 30 inches, but it all depends on the bipod you are examining.

Take a moment to think about your AR-10 build and imagine what elevation will work best for your needs. This will help ensure that you don’t pick up a bipod that is too low for your purposes or too high for comfort.


Of course, the material that makes up a bipod can help determine how useful it is and how long it’ll last. The majority of high-quality bipods are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is a little more expensive than cheaper materials but which provides fantastic durability. Aircraft-grade aluminum is also super lightweight, so it’s easy to carry for long distances or pack into a backpack.

Alternatively, you may find budget bipods that are made with some polymer materials. These are still decently durable and can often save you a little money. But they weigh a little more than aircraft-grade aluminum and are quite as durable.

You might also find carbon fiber bipods. These are typically a little pricier than the alternatives but they are just as strong as steel and are incredibly lightweight, to boot. We’d recommend carbon fiber if you can afford it or aircraft-grade aluminum if you can’t.

Canting and Panning

One of the most important features of most bipods is that they allow you to retain stability from their legs while also letting your rifle pivot from side to side or up and down. Most bipods have set angles or canting or panning, like 20° or 50°. These describe how far your rifle can move before you need to adjust the bipod or remove the rifle barrel from the resting pad.

This feature is most useful for hunters that may need to track a moving target, but it’s a great choice if you want the bipod for tactical situations, as well.

Padded Top

Finally, many excellent AR-10 bipods will also have rubberized or otherwise padded tops. Padded tops prevent the bipod material from scraping against the bottom of your AR-10 fore-end and make it a little more comfortable to use while also preserving the aesthetic and durability of your weapon. It’s not a huge factor that you absolutely need, but it’s a great additional benefit that many top bipods will include.


In the end, our recommendations may not be the perfect choice for your AR-10 build or needs. But you should be able to follow the buying guide we listed above and determine which AR-10 bipod is perfect based on those factors. If you do end up picking one of the AR-10 bipods we like, let us know! We’d love to compare builds.

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