Best Bullet Pullers

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 26, 2018
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Even the finest shooters make mistakes when loading ammunition, so it’s nice to have the best bullet puller in your arsenal. With a bullet puller, you’ll be able to take the ammo down and get the parts in no time.

The question now is which of the many bullet pullers on the market are worth buying?

Top 4 Bullet Pullers

ProductCompatibilitySpecial FeaturesSizeWeight
Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Impact Bullet Puller22 Hornet to 45 – 703 collets, impact style1 x 6 x 14 inches7.2 ounces
Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller5.7 x 28FN and other large calibersErgonomic handling, inertia technology12 x 6 x 1 inches6.4 ounces
Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet PullerRife cartridgesPress mounted puller,  cast and seat bullet removal1.4 x 8.2 x 1.4 inches7.2 ounces
RCBS Pow’r Pull Large and small calibersErgonomic handle, rapid bullet pulling15.9 x 6.8 x 1.1 inches2 ounces


Best Picks

[p_box] [p_title]#1: Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Impact Bullet Puller [/p_title] [p_content]

Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Impact Bullet Puller

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller - Stuck Case Remover for Ammo Reloading with Interchangeable Collets
  • SPECS: 12” L x 5” W
  • VERSATILITY: 3 different sized collets included allows you to pull bullets from almost any caliber from .22 Hornet to 45-70, rimmed or rimless
  • EASE OF USE: Works with one stern "whack" to separate bullet from brass
  • DURABLE: Constructed of lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty plastic
  • INCLUDES: 1 hammer, 3 collets and 4 o-rings

The Quick n EZ is one of the best bullet puller for 9mm as it’s capable of pulling virtually any caliber. Whether it is a 458 SOCOM or the equally large 45-70, the Quick N EZ pulls out quickly. It also pulls the light 22 caliber with ease.

The Quick N EZ comes with 3 collets of varying sizes. These collets give you more options and greater versatility when pulling bullets.

This bullet puller works great for frequent shooters especially first timers. It can also serve as your main puller or complement the one you’re already using.

There are a lot of positive things we can say about the Quick n EZ, but what it all comes down to is it works with a lot of calibers.

Using it on rimmed and rimless bullets produces the same results. You also just need to use one or two whacks to get the bullet out of the brass. The impact style really helps regardless of the bullet.

What I Like
  • Compatible with different types of calibers
  • Pulls bullets easily
  • 3 collets included
  • Can be used with rimmed and rimless bullets
  • Made of heavy duty materials
What I Didn’t Like
  • Hammer is more suited for small and medium scale jobs
  • Might take some practice especially for beginners

Bottom Line

The Frankford is a cost effective bullet puller, offering the kind of performance you would expect from a more expensive brand. It’s simple to use and does what you’d expect.

[/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#2: Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller [/p_title] [p_content]

Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller

Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller Multiple, 1 Pack
  • Safely strips loaded rounds in seconds
  • Prevents damage to bullet or case
  • Head design that allows Use on calibers from Tiny 5.7 x 28FN to the largest magnums
  • Ergonomic molded handle for comfort and sure grip
  • Traps components with just a few hits
Lyman is no strange to quality gun and ammo accessories, and this bullet puller review can verify the Magnum Inertia is easy to use and ergonomic.

This bullet puller utilizes inertia technology to make it easier to use.  The Lyman can be used on caliber 20 guns as well as the large bore boomers.

The Lyman does a good job of loading rounds quickly, handy if you’re doing a lot of shooting. Even with regular use the Inertia Puller doesn’t break the case or bullet.

The bullet puller is compatible with a wide array of Magnums for your convenience. The handle is ergonomic so you’ll feel more comfortable when holding it.

Performance wise the Lyman holds up well and ensnares components with only a few strikes.  Since it has an ergonomic handle you’ll be able to grip it in comfort.

The Lyman works great for 30 caliber bullets, the 300 WSM and many others. The device can also pull several calibers at once.

With its ability to pull all sorts of ammunition, the Lyman should make for a fine addition to your arsenal.

What I Like
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Works with a wide array of calibers
  • Doesn’t damage bullets
  • Easy to operate
What I Didn’t Like
  • The head is plastic
  • No soft spot for polymer bullets

Bottom Line

The Lyman bullet puller is as good as advertised, pulling bullets out without too much difficulty. The handle is comfortable and this really makes bullet pulling easier.

[/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#3: Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller [/p_title] [p_content]

Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller

Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller 050095 - Reloading Equipment to Quickly Pull Bullets with Your Press - Save Your Bullets, Brass, & Powder for Future Loading - Uses Standard Collets (Sold Separately)
  • Great Tool for Reloaders - keep this Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller 050095 handy for a fast and easy way to pull bullets with your press. Mounts to any press with standard 7/8 -14-inch threads and uses Hornady Collet Only (sold separately). Not for use with cast bullets
  • Why Do I Need a Hornady Bullet Puller - because mistakes happen, so be prepared. Whether you are fixing mistakes from incorrectly handloading cartridges to taking apart factory manufactured cartridges, this tool will help you salvage the bullets, brass, and powder with no damage or spillage
  • Quick & Easy to Use - simply place the cartridge into the reloading press, raise the cartridge into the puller, clamp the puller down on the bullet, raise the press arm and presto, the bullet is out. Once you have your settings in properly, you can begin to pull dozens of bullets. Intended for rifle cartridges only
  • Caliber Size Specific Collets - keep several appropriate collets for each caliber size range of bullets you intend to pull at your reloading bench for the appropriate fitting. There are thirteen different collets that will pull most any bullet, from 17 caliber through 458 caliber, except a flush seated wad cutter
  • Four Main Components - this Hornady collet bullet puller is constructed with a cam lock die body, size specific COLLETS which are SOLD SEPARATELY, the plunger, and cam lock handle assembly lever
The Cam Lock makes my list of the best bullet puller for 223 because it’s been proven to work time and again.

What I like about the Cam Lock is you can use your reloading press’ mechanical force. This lessens the effort required from you.

The Cam Lock is very effective when pulling a seated bullet or cast lead bullets, and it’s also safer than other bullet pullers which use a lot of force.

The device is easy to use and from a technical standpoint it’s more efficient. Compared to other bullet pullers the Cam Lock is more reliable.

There are a lot of bullet pullers, but the Cam Lock has the edge in terms of performance. It’s not only simpler to use but it works well on hard to remove bullets.

Sometimes the regular bullet puller just won’t get it done. In that case you’re going to find the Cam Lock a better option.

What I Like
  • Works perfectly for rifle cartridges
  • 22 and 30 collet included
  • Made from durable materials
  • Pulls a wide range of bullets
  • Easy to make adjustments and fine tune pulling
What I Didn’t Like
  • Collet takes a bit of time releasing unusual bullets
  • Instructions could be better though it’s easy to use

Bottom Line

The Hornady press mounted bullet puller is lightweight but is very effective in pulling rifle ammo. Like other Hornady products, this bullet puller was built for both beginners and veteran shooters who want a high quality bullet puller.

[/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#4: RCBS Pow’r Pull Kit [/p_title] [p_content]

RCBS Pow’r Pull Kit

RCBS Pow'r Pull Kit
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting reloading bullet Pullers
  • Another quality Bushnell product
  • RCBS is the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols
  • Resolves mistakes quickly and easily

The Pow’r Pull is a good choice if you’re looking for the best inexpensive bullet puller, offering superior performance while still being comfortable to use.

The Pow’r Pull ergonomic handle makes this ideal for extended use. Even if you end up making a mistake with a whole batch of ammo, the Pow’r Pull makes short work of it.

As the name suggests, this product is built for those cases wherein the bullet just won’t come off. What makes this work is the way it optimizes energy for efficient pulling.

Usually it takes a lot of attempts to pull a bullet, but the Pow’r Pull just needs a 2 whacks to dislodge a bullet. 3 chucks are included so you can use it on different types of cartridges.

Made in the USA, the Pow’r Pull can handle a vast range of bullets and pull them out at a fast clip. The puller works fine on 357 magnum shells and other commonly used calibers.

What I Like
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • Constructed from heavy duty components
  • Compatible with different types of calibers
  • Easy to operate
  • Pulls bullets out quickly
What I Didn’t Like
  • The chucks are made of light aluminum
  • The shaft is plastic

Bottom Line

The RCBS bullet puller Pow’r Kit isn’t fancy but it works, and for shooters that’s the only thing that matters. Compatible with a wide range of bullets, it takes out the drudgery out of this task.

[/p_content] [/p_box]

Types of Bullet Pullers

If you want to know which bullet puller is best you’ve got to be familiar with the different types available.

  • Bullet Puller Kits: these are the types made by RCBS and built for different types of pistols and rifles. They’re also easy to use.
  • Reloading Press Cam Lock Bullet Pullers: these devices use your reloading press to pull out bullets, making these appropriate for heavy duty tasks.
  • Impact Style Bullet Pullers: these usually come with 2 or 3 collets. Those made by Frankford are among the best examples of this.
  • Inertia Type Bullet Pullers: as the name makes plain, these devices use inertia technology to pull bullets.

These are just some of the more common types of bullet pullers you can buy today. The categories given above also have sub-categories, so you should read the product description to know what it can do.

Importance of Bullet Pullers

If you don’t have a bullet puller yet, well it’s about time you got one as it provides a lot of benefits.

  • Even if you’re careful there is always the chance that you will make a mistake when lading ammo. With a bullet puller you’ll be able to remedy the situation.
  • You can use a bullet puller to retrieve some parts.
  • A bullet puller can be used to break down ammunition. You may want to do this to disassemble old bullets and take out powder.
  • A bullet puller is also useful for breaking down and assessing bullets.
  • Bullet pullers are also ideal for checking out the quality of your bullets.

Bottom line: if you have a gun and fire lots of different rounds, you will find a bullet puller effective and even indispensable.

 Things to Consider When Buying a Bullet Puller

There are a lot of factors that you’ll need to look into, but the following are the most vital. While a lot of people focus on the price tag, there are other things that you’ll need to mull over.


The bullet puller should be made from high quality components so you can use it for different types of bullets. Durability is a must if you fire hundreds or thousands of rounds as it increases the chances of a bad batch.


Look for a bullet puller that has an ergonomic handle. You often need to whack it just a couple of times to disassemble the bullet, though with other bullets it might take more hits.

By getting an ergonomic bullet puller you can use it for long periods without tiring your hand and wrist.

 Brand Name

Consumers only buy items from trusted brands so why should a bullet puller be an exception? Using a low quality bullet puller might cause damage and end up costing you more, so it’s better to buy from a trusted source.

 Ease of Use

How many strikes does it take to pull the bullet? Some bullets are really stubborn and require a lot of effort, but a good bullet puller should not take more than a few hits to work..

Safety Features

The bullet puller’s powerful strikes should not damage the bullet however. This is where the quality and craftsmanship of the bullet puller comes to the fore.

Bullet Compatibility

What types of bullets does the bullet puller work with? The best ones work with rimmed and rimless bullets, and these are the most practical.

Who Makes The Best Bullet Puller?

All brands will say they make the best bullet puller, but we know that is not the case. Using the guidelines above you will realize that some bullet pullers are better than others.

But as to which brand is best, there is no single answer as a lot of companies make quality bullet pullers. From my experience however i can say that Hornady, Frankford, Lyman and RCBS have an edge over the rest.

What makes those brands stand out is the way they continue to innovate and release new bullet puller products, giving gun owners and shooters more options to work with.

 Final Verdict

The 4 bullet pullers I reviewed here are excellent and do what you’d expect, pull out bullets without causing damage. There are a lot of good bullet pullers online, but these four are better in terms of features and capabilities.

But as good as these are I have to admit that the Lyman Magnum Bullet Puller is the best. It pulls bullets quickly, even with stubborn bullets the Lyman doesn’t take long to remove.

The Lyman also has one of the most comfortable and ergonomic handles we have come across. It handles like a screwdriver so it is familiar and easy to get used to. For these reasons I pick the Lyman as the best bullet puller.

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