Best Camping Chair for a Bad Back

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You love camping and getting out into the great outdoors, but you suffer from back pain. Unfortunately, experts estimate that 80% of the U.S population will experience a back problem at some stage of their lives, and this is a problem that generally is not heard by manufacturers of outdoor equipment.

So, how can we make things easier for the large percentage of people that suffer from back pain? – Although this article will make only a small dent in helping people to get outside in nature, it should provide some advice and help in making a camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best camping chairs for back pain so you or your loved ones can get outside to enjoy a peaceful evening by a lake, in the forest, or on the beach in comfort without worrying about their back. We will be assessing exactly what to look for in a camping chair for the person with a bad back as well as recommending and reviewing 4 of the best camping chairs for back pain for every budget and situation. Enjoy!

What Should You Look for In a Camping Chair for a Bad Back?

Selecting the right camping chair is essential to adjusting your posture and staying healthy regardless of whether you suffer from back pain or not. If you do suffer from back pain, a camping chair that is designed to cater to this will of course keep you much more comfortable for the duration of your trip and hopefully help you enjoy yourself without the worry of over-straining. Keeping a healthy posture is the number one way to reduce back pain therefor products that acknowledge this will keep you much more comfortable and may even help to reduce the problem. So, what are the features of a good camping chair for your back?

Lumbar Support

A chair with lumbar support will provide extra support to the lumbar region which helps the spine keep its natural alignment and curvature. This is a key feature of an effective chair for back pain and should be the number 1 feature to look out for when selecting a camping chair for back problems.

Foam Padding

Padding around the lumbar region, on the seat of the chair, and up the backrest can help to reduce pressure on the spine and reduce the chance of a trapped nerve (common when sitting down with slipped disks and sciatica). This is another great feature to look out for on a camping chair for back pain, but it is not essential for support. Some people find too much padding to be detrimental to their back conditions whereas others find it helps brilliantly, so this is a feature that you will have to decide on depending on your condition.

High backrest

A high backrest provides more support to the back, allows you to align your shoulders and hips while sitting, and takes pressure off the spine. This can help reduce back pain and it will also allow you to sit with better posture which can potentially help your condition and make life easier for you overall. This is a great feature that you will find in a camping chair for back pain and should be another key factor to look out for especially if you decide to purchase a reclining or relaxation chair.

Best Camping Chair for Relaxation: The Phi Villa Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The Phi Villa Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is more of a patio lounge chair than a camping chair so it is a bit on the bulky side but when your health and comfort are concerned we feel like this is a small sacrifice to make. This is the ultimate chair for back pain while camping and provides comfortable upright sighting as well as the ability to recline the chair and lay back to relax. Although it is not strictly a camping chair it is light enough to throw in the car and take away camping and you will not regret bringing it! Having this chair at your campsite will allow you to unwind and enjoy the vibes, view, and the company of your friends and family in complete comfort.

This chair has many different angle settings that allow you to adjust the reclining position to help reduce pressure and strain on your back. If you are getting stiff in one position you can simply and easily adjust to relieve trapped nerves, disk pain, and pressure on your back. The Phi Villa Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is made from durable materials that are highly weather-resistant and heavy-duty, with the frame being strong enough to support up to 300-pounds. It comes complete with a detachable cup holder and side table so enjoying that beverage and a snack is never further than an arm’s reach. You really cannot ask for much more than that from a chair that gives 10/10 lumbar support.

Best Camping Chair for Upright Sitting: The Timber Ridge High-back Ergonomic Folding Armchair

The Timber Ridge High-back Ergonomic Folding Armchair is the perfect foldable camping chair for sitting upright to eat, drink, and socialize if you suffer from back pain. This camping chair is fully cushioned and provides ergonomic lumbar support to reduce pressure and strains on the back, meaning you can spend long periods in this chair in comfort without hitting a nerve. This chair is lightweight and completely portable making it perfect for camping when you have a lot of other kit in the car and it also comes with a handy carry case for transport to your pitch once you have unloaded the car.

This chair has a 22-inch high-back, is 22.5-inches wide, and weighs 13.65-pounds. This gives the user plenty of room to move, re-position, and find comfort while also being light enough to carry to a camp spot without straining a bad back. Its heavy-duty design and high-quality polyester make this camping chair extremely durable and weather-resistant so if you forget about it outside and it rains, don’t worry it will stay in one piece! It can support up to 400-pounds and has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if the worst does happen you have peace of mind that you will receive a fast replacement.

This is the perfect chair for you if you feel more comfortable in an upright position or you are in need of a foldable camping chair to sit upright at the table to eat, drink, read, or socialize. The Timber Ridge High-back offers excellent support and is sure to keep you comfortable while you enjoy some quality time in nature with your friends and family.

Best Budget Camping Chair for a Bad Back: The Suzeten Heavy-Duty Lumbar Support Folding Chair

The Suzeten Heavy-Duty Lumbar Support Folding Chair is the best camping chair for the camper with a bad back that desires support, comfort, and enjoyment without breaking the bank. This is an oversized camping chair that has excellent padding and lumbar support through its design while also providing excellent moisture control, so you stay cool in the heat. The 5mm sponge lining provides long-lasting comfort and the upright design gives you support when you need it most (eating, sitting at the table, socializing, or working).

Although this chair has a typical upright camping chair design the foam padding and lumbar supporting features provide long-lasting comfort for the person that suffers from back pain. Being an oversized camping chair, it gives you plenty of wiggle room to adjust positions when your back is playing up and the extra room will allow you to find a more relaxed position while still holding a good upright position. These factors make it excellent for not only keeping you in comfort but also preventing any extra damage or strains to you back by keeping you in a position of perfect posture.

The Suzeten Heavy-Duty Folding Camping Chair has a super-handy storage pocket on the left-hand armrest so you can stow away your phone, a battery pack, your painkillers, some snacks, and much more! This pocket is also insulated so not only will it protect your phone from the sun, but it will act as a food and drinks cooler when an ice pack is placed inside. This chair also features a cup holder on the right-hand armrest, so your beverage is never far away. This chair is great to relax in if you feel more comfortable sitting in an upright position, otherwise, it is the perfect camping chair for eating, reading, and socializing at camp if you suffer from back pain.

Most Versatile Camping Chair for a Bad Back: The Heavy-Duty Lumbar Support Camping Chair by KingCamp

The KingCamp Heavy-Duty Lumbar Support Folding Camping Chair is the best all-rounder for the keen camper with a bad back. It is packed with useful features that keep your essentials close to hand and it is designed with lumbar support and pressure-reducing qualities that will keep you comfortable during day-to-day camp life. You will find a complete insulated cooler bag for food and drinks, a mesh cup holder to keep your beverage close to hand, and a large flat storage pocket that is big enough to store your phone, books, and magazines. This chair offers luxury comfort that is fit for a King (or Queen) and once you are all set up with a few magazines, drinks, some food, and positioned with a view you won’t need to move all day!

The Heavy-Duty Lumbar Support Chair by KingCamp folds down relatively small and is easily transportable for even the smallest of cars, it also comes with a handy carry case for transport from the car to your camp spot. It only weighs 11.3-pounds, so it is easily carried without fear of throwing out or straining your back, and once out of the bag it only takes a few seconds to pop up with one motion. The Kingcamp Camping chair also comes with a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind, although you will probably never have to use it as this is a chair that’s built to last!

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