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Food is a huge part of camping for us here at TrendyTactical. When you settle down in your perfectly prepared campsite there really is nothing better than watching the campfire and preparing a hearty, warm, delicious meal.

There is something about eating outside that is so fulfilling and without the distractions of the modern world, you seem to enjoy the flavors and textures of even the simplest meals outdoors. This is especially true if you are on a hiking venture and the most luxurious part of the day is settling down for the night and enjoying a hot meal after a long day walking the trails.

There are a few essentials that you need when cooking a hearty hot meal while you are camping in the wilderness with the main essential being pots, pans, and a cooking stove if you have no access to wood for a campfire.

If you want to find out what the best camping cooking sets are, then you can check out our Best Survival Cooking Kits Article Here. The second essential group of items for efficient and enjoyable campsite cooking is your dinnerware, and that is exactly what we will be covering in today’s article.

Having a good camping dinnerware set can make food prep easier, food presentation better, and dining in the wild easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are sitting down to eat dinner in the wilderness alone, with a loved one, or with your whole family, having a decent camping dinnerware set is essential to making that outdoor dinner a meal to remember. Having a good all-in-one kit with bowls, plates, and cutlery brings some creature comforts into your campsite without bringing the contents of your kitchen cupboards with you!

In this article, we will be assessing what you should look for in a camping dinnerware set and going over what a good dinnerware set should include depending on your camping situation. If you are the keen hiker you will need a different setup to the casual family that is taking a break in the wild, so in the next section, we will discuss the different needs between the separate groups. We will also be reviewing four of the best camping dinnerware sets for all types of campers, situations, and budgets. Enjoy!

Best Budget Camping Dinnerware Set: Wealers Stainless Steel Messware Kit

The Wealers Stainless Steel Messware Kit is a simple and effective dining kit for outdoor use. This kit is suitable for 1 to 2 people (depending on the kit you select) and is extremely durable, functional, and versatile so it ticks all the boxes. This kit offers excellent value for money and you will get change from 20 dollars. The 1-person kit comes with 1x 10-ounce cup, 1x 8.5-ounce plate, one deep-dish 6-inch bowl, and 1x knife, fork, and spoon set (2-person kit is double). This is a great kit for all-round use and will serve the hiker, backpacker, beachgoer, picnicker, or for use when barbecuing outdoors.

Overall, this is a rugged dinnerware set for outdoor use that is lightweight and great looking. It is dishwasher safe so there are no problems with throwing this in the dishwasher after a long camping session and being stainless steel, it is easily wiped clean in the wilderness as well. This is a great option for the budget camper, hiker, and even the family if you purchase enough sets!

Best Picnic Dinnerware Set: Taibid 24-Piece Camping and Picnic Set

The Taibid 24-Piece Picnic set is ideal for the group, family, or couple that wants to bring a bit of home with them into nature. This set comes complete with a case that keeps everything secure and in one place while you are traveling, however, it is a bit bulky to take on long walks or hikes. In the case, you will find a set of 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 forks, 1 cheese knife, 2 8-inch dinner plates, 1 cutting board, a bottle opener, and 4 napkins suitable for camping tables or using on the ground for a picnic. If you love bringing a bottle of wine and food out into nature to enjoy with your friends or family then this is the kit for you!

It is an extremely trendy kit and is sure to impress anyone who comes with you on your travels. The dinnerware itself is extremely durable and rugged and the case is made from a hard-wearing canvas that can take the strains of day-to-day outdoor life. Everything is easily wiped clean and conveniently stored away in the case but is also dishwasher friendly for an easy deep clean once you are back home.

Best Family Camping Dinnerware Set: The GSI Outdoors Pioneer Camping Dinnerware Set

The GSI Outdoors Pioneer Camping Dinnerware Set is an enamel camping set that is suitable for the family or group of friends that loves to enjoy food together at the campsite or during the day in the wilderness. This kit comes in two options of either blue or green that both looks great and is easily wiped clean when water is at a premium. It is perfect for use at the campsite, in a cabin, and it is even stylish enough to use in your RV, trailer, or campervan.

In this set, you will find 4x 12-ounce cups, 4x 10-inch plates, 4x 5.75-inch bowls, a large coffee percolator, a large kettle with detachable lid, and a 9-inch frying pan. It is safe to say you will not be short of dinnerware in this set, however, you will need to add your own cutlery to this kit after purchase. This set is constructed from a heavy-gauge steel that is extremely hard-wearing and durable and everything is coated in enamel for use in any environment without corrosion. The enamel coating makes is easily cleanable and completely dishwasher safe. GSI also offers a lifetime warranty on this product that covers any manufacturer defects for your peace of mind.

Best Camping Dinnerware Set for Hiking: Redcamp Hiking Mess Kit for Hiking and Camping

The Redcamp Hiking Mess Kit is the perfect camping dinnerware kit for the passionate hiker that enjoys a warm meal at the end of a long day on the trails. This kit is lightweight, compact, and everything fits inside each other and is stored in a handy nylon drawstring sack for easy storage either inside or hung on the outside of your rucksack. This is another budget kit that is under 20 dollars, but it provides an all-in-one cook and dinnerware set that functions well on the trails. The whole kit weighs only 0.96-pounds (depending on the kit size you select) and it is extremely hard-wearing and versatile enough to use in multiple environments.

In the 12-piece dinnerware kit you will find 1x 5.7-inch frying pan, 1x  5.3-inch anodized aluminum pot, 1x pot lid, 2x 3.5-inch bowls, 1x deep-dish soup bowl, 1x survival paracord bracelet, 1x multi-tool card with can and bottle opener, 1x ladle, 1x stainless steel folding spork, 1x cleaning loofah, a dish sponge, spatula, and a drawstring carry bag.

That is a huge set for a great price and it is unlikely that the solo camper will even need all of that, meaning that spares can be left at home in case anything is broken or lost during a hike! If you are the hiker that is looking for versatility, durability, and functionality for a fantastic price then look no further than the Redcamp Hiking Mess Kit.

What Should You Look for In a Camping Dinnerware Set?

The main thing you should look out for when purchasing a dinnerware set for camping is functionality, durability, and versatility. It should be durable enough to take the strains that camping in the wilderness brings, versatile enough to use in different camping environments, and of course functional enough to work well outdoors.

You should look for a dinnerware kit that is hard-wearing and high-quality that is also affordable. This will ensure that your set lasts a long time and survives what outdoor life may throw at it, but if you happen to lose an item from your kit you aren’t heartbroken because it cost an arm and a leg! I am sure we have all left something behind at a campsite before, especially when rushing to pack up. The point being, I would rather leave behind a spoon from a budget-friendly set that costs well under 100 dollars than a futuristic lighter-than-air titanium spoon that costs the same on its own! – I am sure you would too.

If you are hiking to your campsite or are heading out cycle-packing and touring, then space and weight will be of concern. Your best bet when looking for a dinnerware set for these purposes is to go for something that serves as an all-in-one kit. These kits are usually based on military mess kits and the cooking pots and pans act as an eating container as well as a cooking container. Everything could fit inside one main pot and they are usually made from durable steel or high-quality aluminum that is both light and can take a beating.

If you are the family you will need a larger set of course, and you will not need to worry too much about space and weight as chances are, you will be rolling your car, pickup, or van straight on to a pitch at a campsite. Not having to worry about weight and space gives you a bit more flexibility when choosing a dinnerware kit and allows you to pick a large set that will function much better in a way that is similar to your dinnerware sets at home. A good family camping set should also be durable and versatile, so they do not break from any mishaps with children and accidents while outdoors.

Overall, a good dinner wear set should be versatile, functional, and durable. Lightweight and compact if you are hiking, extensive, and hard-wearing if you are a group or family, and affordable yet well-built and made from high-quality materials, no matter what.

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