Best QD Scope Mounts

  • Written By Eric Crouch on March 15, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Quick Detach scope mounts are becoming increasingly popular. This is quite understandable, as being able to quickly set up a mount and attach a scope allows you to use multiple rifles with a single scope, or a single scope with multiple rifles.

However, there are a lot of Quick Detach mounts in the market, and they are generally fairly expensive. As such, choosing between them can be fairly difficult.

We have gone ahead and listed the main things that you need to be careful of when looking for a Quick Detach mount. After that, we have listed 5 mounts that are perfect as per that criteria.

5 Best QD Scope Mounts Reviewed

Here are our 5 favorite QD mounts based on the criteria that we have listed above.

Best Overall: Burris Optics PEPR

  • Picatinny ring tops
  • Available in both 1-inch and 30mm size
  • Base and Mounts in 1 piece construction
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Forward mounting may not be optimal for everyone

Although there are many mounts that are much higher in quality (including a couple on this list), the Burris PEPR is the best mount that you can get for its value. It holds zero incredibly well due to its aluminum construction and will fit with a lot of weapons on both Weaver as well as Picatinny rails.

Another great feature of this mount is the Picatinny top on each of the two rings. This should allow you to attach additional attachments on top of your scope such as a laser. This will remove the need for you needing to access iron sighs when encountering targets too close for the scope.

The Burris PEPR is also fairly customizable. You can get it in both the 30mm as well as the 1-inch size. On top of that, you can also get it in the non-QD option if you wish. While that is a little cheaper, I would still recommend going with the QD option due to the versatility that it provides.

Of course, you can get a mount of much better quality if you are willing to spend more money, like the following:

GG&G Accucam QD 30mm Mount

  • Premium quality materials and construction
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Very lightweight
  • Made of anodized metals for no-glare
  • Not versatile
  • Designed for the SOCOM MIA Rifle

This mount is definitely not for everyone, as it was designed specifically for the SOCOM MIA Rifle. On top of that, it is very expensive. However, there is a reason for that. The reason being that this may very well be the highest quality QD mount you have ever seen.

The mount is made from 6061 T-6 aluminum Type III hard-anodized steel. What this means is that there is no glare from the mount, allowing you to effectively shoot and focus on the target without any disturbance.

On top of that, the mount was manufactured in the US, a country known for its high quality-control and stricter manufacturing regulations. This shows in the mount’s performance, as it is almost impossible for your scope to lose its zero even after an entire day of shooting.

Lastly, the mount is extremely lightweight, allowing you to use it without having to worry about the excessive strain on your arms and shoulders.

Best 30mm Mount: Midwest Industries 30mm QD Scope Mount

  • Anodized coating
  • Easy to adjust without tools
  • Smooth operation
  • US manufactured
  • Very Expensive

You may be surprised when you look at the Midwest Industries QD mount’s price and compare it with its features. However, all of that is worth it because of how well it does all the simple things.

First of all, attaching or detaching the mount is one of the smoothest experiences you can have with any QD mount. As we have stated above, this is important if you want to use your mount with a lot of different rifles and scopes.

The mount is made of aluminum and has been manufactured in the US, a virtual guarantee of unparalleled engineering. This shows on the field, as the Midwest QD mount has no trouble holding its zero even when using some of the most recoil-intensive rifles.

Lastly, the mount can easily be adjusted without any tools. Although it is obvious why the mount is so expensive, this would probably be the best QD mount in the market if it was just a tad less expensive.

Best 1-inch Mount: Warne 1-inch QD Rings

  • Warne indexable lever system
  • Reasonably priced
  • Holds zero even after hundreds of shots
  • Mounting is very easy
  • Two-piece construction not ideal
  • Steel construction not as reliable as aluminum
  • Requires tools to be properly adjusted

We went through the best mount for 30mm scopes, now let’s go through one for 1-inch scopes. The Warne 1-inch scope mount is not nearly as good as the Midwest Industries model discussed above, but it gets the job done reasonably well at a much lower price.

Sadly, this mount is made of steel as opposed to aircraft-grade aluminum. This means that it will not be as reliable and will be heavier than other mounts on this list. However, that is not true. Since this is a two-piece mount, its weight is actually less than most other mounts in the market.

Despite its steel construction, it is able to hold its zero even after hours of shooting. This brings us to the best part of this mount, the Warne indexable lever system.

The indexable lever system ensures that your scope mount keeps its zero even after it has been detached from the rifle. This means that it is very easy for you to clean your rifle and then reattach the mount as you will not have to zero it the next time you plan to shoot it.

Best Budget Option: MIZUGIWA QD Scope Mount

  • Very cheap
  • Works with both 30mm and 1-inch scopes
  • Weaver ring tops
  • Doesn’t hold zero incredibly well

With glowing reviews from users, the MIZUGIWA QD Scope Mount is as cheap as a scope mount can get, and yet it functions much better than mounts in a much higher price bracket.

Although it is manufactured in China, it does an incredible job on the field. While it holds zero quite well, it is still a good idea to zero it before every session. Personally, I found that zeroing it once was enough for an entire day of shooting.

When it comes to features, this mount is king. Even at this price, you get Weaver ring tops that allow you to mount additional accessories such as flashlights and lasers. On top of that, it comes with reducer inserts that allow you to mount both 30mm and 1-inch scopes on it.

Of course, the other mounts on this list are of much higher quality and you will be better off with them if you can afford them. Still, those on an extremely tight budget will find the MIZUGIWA mount to be very functional.

What to Look For in a Quick Detach Mount

Generally, people look for mounts for a specific rifle or a specific number of rifles. However, it is becoming increasingly common for people to prioritize getting a mount that can fit on as many rifles as possible.

The Quick Detach mount has become popular for this very reason. Not only can it attach to multiple rifles, but it can also allow you to quickly remove or adjust it. This allows for a lot of versatility, especially for people who like to hunt with different weapons for sport.

However, this also means that you need to be extra vigilant when selecting the right mount. Not only do you need to select a mount that will fit on the rifles that you own, but you also need to make sure that it will function properly with your setup.

Although this list could be endless, we have gone ahead and mentioned the few things that you must be aware of when selecting a QD mount for your rifles.


This is an important consideration. If you are someone who will be shooting at both close as well as long-range, then you may prefer a mount that allows you to use the scope as well as iron sights.

In this case, you will want a high-profile mount. This mount will allow you to access the iron sights as well as use the scope. However, do remember that high-profile mounts can be a little difficult to use.

If you are not planning on using your iron sights, then go as low-profile as possible as long as your scope is still able to clear the rifle.

Material and Weight

Generally, you want a material that is light but also sturdy enough to withstand the recoil. Usually, mounts are built from aluminum. Aircraft-grade aluminum is considered to be the best choice for scope mounts and scopes. It is durable enough to withstand the recoil of some of the most hard-hitting rifles in the market, and it will not break even after years of use (of course, there are exceptions to this).

As for weight, you want your mount to be as light as possible (as long as it is strong enough). This is because the additional weight will only cause you discomfort. This is especially true for people who like to go on all-day hunting trips.


This is perhaps the most problematic aspect of QD scope mounts. Mounts that are permanently attached to a rifle are not affected by recoil as easily. However, Quick Detach mounts are known to often bend or warp after coming under heavy stress. As such, it is extremely important for you to consult online reviews before you purchase a QD mount.

If your mount doesn’t hold zero after a few shots, then there is no point in using it. Luckily, all of the mounts that are listed here are known for their strength and you should have no trouble using them for many hours.


Despite their name, not all QD mounts are built the same. As such, it is important that the mount you are using operates smoothly and allows you to quickly attach/remove scopes.

What is the point in having a QD mount that jams up as soon as you try to remove it? On the contrary, remember that mounts that are excessively smooth generally do not stay put under heavy recoil. It is all about finding the right balance when it comes to QD scopes, and the mounts listed below are all great choices for this.


Due to their nature and demand, you should expect to pay a little more for QD mounts than you would for standard ones. 

I would suggest that you do not worry about the price and spend as much as you need in order to get a mount of the best quality. You have already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a rifle, and even the most expensive mount will not cost a quarter of that, so why not make the investment in order to get the best possible results?


We just listed 5 mounts that will be perfect for any shooter looking for QD mounts for their rifle. The versatility of the QD mount is simply too good to pass up, especially for the avid gun collector.

If we had to recommend just one mount, we would go with the Burris Optics PEPR. It provides a decent mixture of features at a fairly low price. As far as value is concerned, the PEPR outclasses all other mounts on this list. Still, the other options might cost a bit more but they compensate for it with impeccable construction and field performance.

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