Best Scope Mount for Marlin 1895

  • Written By Eric Crouch on February 11, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Once you have spent hundreds of dollars on a Marlin 1895 and a scope that is good enough to shoot it (thankfully, the scopes for Marlin are not too expensive), you will need a mount.

Of course, you need a mount for most scopes/rifles that you buy. However, as we will discover later, the mount is as important as the scope when it comes to the Marlin. 

We have listed everything that you need to consider when purchasing a mount for the 1895. After that, we have mentioned 5 great options that you can purchase that will work great.

5 Best Scope Mounts for Marlin 1895

Considering all of the factors that we have listed above, here are 5 mounts that are perfect for the Marlin 1895.

Best Overall: Game Reaper Marlin Medium Mount

  • Specifically designed for Marlin models (1894,1895, and 336)
  • Extremely durable one-piece construction (aluminum)
  • Very simple and easy to install
  • Perfect height for the 1895
  • No scope rings required
  • Won’t work with many other rifles
  • Powder station bushing sometimes unseats

The Game Reaper Marlin is specifically designed for the 1895. As such, installing it onto the scope is incredibly simple, making this mount perfect for those new to mounting scopes.

However, this mount is accurate enough for even the most experienced shooter. The scope is mounted for medium height, which is perfect for the Marlin. 

Not only that, it is built from a very hard aluminum and the entire mount comprises of one-piece construction. As we said, this scope was specifically designed for the 1895, meaning that it is easily able to withstand its recoil and not place excess stress onto the scope.

The scope is available in two colors, black, and silver. The mount is designed in such a way that you do not need any rings to mount it. However, since it was specifically designed for Marlin rifles, it is not a versatile mount. Most of the other mounts on this list will be compatible with many other rifles. However, you will struggle to find many rifles apart from the 3 aforementioned Marlin models that can use the Game Reaper Marlin Medium Mount.

Best Two-Piece Mount: Talley Marlin Scope Mount

  • Holds zero incredibly well
  • Available in all 3 profiles
  • Ensures scope will stay straight
  • Very lightweight
  • Not compatible with other rifles
  • Powder station bushing sometimes unseats

The Talley Marlin mount is another mount that was specifically designed for the 1895. The design is very different from the Game Reaper but works almost just as well.

We stated at the start that two-piece mounts are generally a little less durable than one-piece mounts. However, the Talley Marlin solves this problem by integrating the scope rings into its base pieces. This ensures that the scope does not have to endure the undue burden.

On top of that, the design of the mounts ensures that the scope will stay straight. This, coupled with the fact that the scope is able to stay zeroed even after hundreds of shots, means that you can simply mount the scope on it, adjust it, and then leave it.

You can get the mount in high, medium, and low profiles, and it is extremely lightweight compared to some of the other mounts on this list.

Sadly, as was the case with the Game Reaper mount, this mount will not be compatible with many other models due to the way it was designed. Still, it’s a great two-piece mount for those who do not like to tinker with their mounts a lot.

Best One-Piece Mount: Weaver Base Top Mount

  • Solid One-Piece Construction
  • Perfect for multiple scope sizes
  • Standard Weaver rings work very well with 1895
  • Keeping scope straight can be difficult

The Weaver Top Mount is perhaps the most used and the most liked mount for the 1895. This is because while it is not something incredibly complex or flashy, it does its job incredibly well for its price.

Since it’s a base, this means that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to selecting rings and deciding the height of the scope. The base can also be sued with various other scopes, so this can be a mount that you use with your other rifles as well.

When it comes to rings, my personal favorites are the Weaver Quad-Lock Medium rings. The quad-locking mechanism ensures that once you have properly set up the scope, it will not move even under the immense shock of the 45-70 round. The medium height is also perfect for the 1875 as we mentioned earlier.

However, do remember that setting up the scope can be difficult. You must make sure that the scope is completely upright before you lock in the rings.

Best Low-Profile Mount: Warne M864

  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Solid Steel base for high shock tolerance
  • Access to open sights when using Maxima QD Rings
  • Preferred rings are extremely expensive

Warne M864 is perfect for shooters who want their scope to have a low-profile. The mount is barely visible, and placing low scope rings will barely increase the size of the weapon.

However, that is not what I recommend. Using low-profile rings on this mount will probably make the scope not clear the rifle. What I do instead is use medium-profile rings with the M864. This allows a decent hybrid setup that still leaves the scope fairly low but allows me to clear the barrel.

My favorite rings for the M864 are the Warne Maxima Quick Detach. Not only are they extremely easy to install and take off, but they have open sights on top which you can use when shooting at extremely close range (if your scope doesn’t have 1x magnification).

Sadly, these rings are extremely expensive when compared to others. Only purchase them if you really have use for the open sights and the quick detach mechanism.

Best Low-Budget Mount: Leupold Rifleman Scope Base

  • Extremely cheap
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum one-piece construction
  • Leupold lifetime warranty
  • You may need to purchase mounting screws

We said at the start the cheap scope bases and rings usually compromise quality and should be avoided. However, the Leupold Rifleman Scope Base is an exception. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum like many of its riflescopes, this base can easily hold your scope’s zero even after numerous shots.

Its strength is backed by Leupold’s lifetime warranty as well, a great feature to have on a mount that is as cheap as this.

Sadly, do remember that the base was initially designed for the Marlin 336 as opposed to the 1895. As such, you may need to spend a little bit of extra money to purchase the proper mounting screws in case they do not fit.

What You Need in a Marlin 1895 Mount

The Marlin 1895 is not really a cheap rifle, especially if you decided to purchase one of the advanced or the custom variants. The variant that you have will end up determining what you actually need from the scope mount.

In most cases, you will need to purchase both a base as well as rings. When it comes to mounts, we will mostly be discussing the base. However, we will try and guide you towards the right rings along with each mount as much as possible.

The Marlin 1895 SBL 45-70s, one of the most common variants, does not require a base. The base is built into the rifle. As such, you will only need to purchase scope rings for it.

We will mainly be targeting the standard variants of the 1895 here. However, you can use any of the various compatible rings listed here in this guide. Before we delve into that, here are the factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect scope rings.


We need to briefly touch on price. No matter what the scope and the rifle, you must be willing to spend a little bit of money on the right mount.

Many people cheap out on mounts and rings after spending a lot of money on a rifle. This is like purchasing a supercar and filling it up with low-grade petrol. 

The Marlin 1895 is even more important in this regard because the scope is known for brutalizing its mount. This leads us to durability.


Durability needs to be your main concern when looking for Marlin 1895 mounts. The recoil on this scope is immense, and the kickback sends a jolt through your shoulder that reverberates through your body.

A lot of mounts for the scope will simply move once you start firing. When this happens, having the scope is pointless as it does not aim where the bullet will go. For this reason, you need to go with mounts that are made with anodized aluminum or steel.

The rings need to be thick and made of a hard material to hold the scope in place. Plastic rings and mounts are a huge no-no for the Marlin. 

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

A one-piece mount is much simpler, and it works great for novice shooters. However, a two-piece mount is generally considered to be the standard and is used by most shooters.

This is largely a personal choice. If you have access, you should try both types and see which one works best for you. For a high-recoil rifle like the 1895, a one-piece mount is generally preferred as it does not transfer the stress to the riflescope, making sure it lasts longer.

However, provided you have a scope that is well-built, a two-piece mount should also suffice. We have got both one-piece and two-piece in our list to help you decide.


This generally applies to all mounts. You can purchase rings that will allow you to mount the scope in a low, medium, or high profile.

Low-profile mounts usually allow you to be the most consistent. However, they may not clear the barrel of certain rifles.

High-profile mounts, on the other hand, always clear the barrel of the rifle but can be inconsistent. This is because your face may not be able to place your face on the cheekpiece. Remember that a larger objective lens will require the scope to be mounted higher or you won’t be able to properly see through it.

For the Marlin, I would recommend going with the medium-profile mount. It provides a decent balance that allows you to clear the barrel while still being low enough to shoot accurately and consistently.


All of the mounts listed on this list have their purpose in your arsenal. However, if you have to go with one, I would recommend going with the Game Reaper Marlin Medium Mount. The mount is perfect for the 1895 as it will not only withstand its high recoil, but it is also very easy to install (does not require any additional rings) and is at the perfect height for you to shoot at both close as well as long-range.

Alternatively, if you want a mount that can be used with multiple rifles, then you can go with the Weaver Base Top Mount. It is versatile enough to work with multiple rifles and also works very well with the 1895.

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