Best Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 26, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

In this article we will be looking at smartphone rifle scope mounts and what they can bring to the marksman. If you are looking to record your skills at their best but don’t want to spend heaps of money on recording equipment, then these mounts are the way to go.

We have two of the best options in this article that provide stable, clear pictures on anything from a .177 air rifle to a 308 hunting rifle.

What is a Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount?

A smartphone scope mount gives you the opportunity to capture some of your best kills and target shots without spending a fortune on recording equipment. A smartphone scope mount enables you to line up your phone’s camera with the eyepiece of your scope, allowing you to record the very view that you see when you take the shot.

Owning a smartphone mount for your rifle means you can bring home more than just your quarry. As well as bring food to the table you can show the exact shot that brought it there. What better way can you prove the freshness of your game meat than that? Having a folder full of footage from your favorite hunting trip is also an excellent talking point and a great way to re-live those fond memories of the hunt. Smartphone rifle mounts are ideal for marksmen that want to keep something aside to look at when they can’t get out on the hunt. They are also ideal for first time shooters, to record first kills or individual milestones in their hunting career.

Why Would You Need a Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount?

Have you ever been sitting at the bar after a hunting trip telling a story of the perfect buck takedown, or the perfect shot at long distance? Do you wish you could just show your friends exactly what you are talking about? Well, now you can. With a smartphone scope mount, you can capture your favorite kills and share the content with your friends, whether that’s over drinks, dinner, or social media.

Chances are the camera that is on your smartphone is high-quality and capable of capturing high-definition videos. Most smartphone cameras are just as good as most digital cameras on the market so there is no need to purchase a second piece of electrical equipment to record hunting content. This makes things much cheaper for the average person that wants to capture a few kills or talented target shots. With a smartphone scope mount, you can now record what you see through the scope for under $50.

What is the Best Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount?

The smartphone scope mount market has grown bigger in the last few years, so how can you tell the good from the bad? The things to look for in a smartphone scope mount are simple. You want something that is stable and holds the phone firm even through heavy recoil while holding the camera tightly against the eyepiece of your optic. You want something that while staying firmly mounted during recoil, records high-quality, focused images that are a joy to watch.

There are plenty of cheap options out there, and they will work however you are likely to get a wobbly, unstable picture from your phone as the mount will likely move when the gun recoils. If you spend a little bit more money you will get a high-quality mount that holds the phone tight and firm to your scope, it will allow you to capture high-quality, stable footage. There are also further advancements in smartphone scope mounts that include an extra lens for better focus and clarity. These lenses enhance the picture and are more durable in low-light and high-light conditions.

Solomark Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount

We recommend the Solomark rifle scope adapter. This adapter works with 37- 46mm (1.45 – 1.81 inches) optics and is the most stable mount on the market for your hunting purposes. It is compatible with phones within 55 to 102mm (2.16 – 4.01 inches) which is more than enough for most smartphones on the market. This phone mount is the most stable we have found and produces the best quality footage when mounted on a hunting rifle’s scope. You are sure to impress your friends with the footage you capture from this smartphone scope mount.

Reviews on this mount are fantastic, with many people extremely impressed with the ability to capture their sport with only a smartphone. The quality and function of this smartphone scope mount are highly regarded but most users admit that it does take some time to dial-in to get the best picture. Once the mount and camera are fully adjusted, the picture clarity and stability are perfect with little adjustment needed after a round has been fired.

Solomark Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount with Advanced Magnification Glass

If you are looking to go one step further and desire an even clearer picture from your smartphone, then the Solomark mount with an advanced magnification lens is the best of the best. The mount is the same as the one mentioned above however it comes with a double magnification lens that helps produce footage in a clearer focus. This package is a little more expensive than the mount on its own but the clarity you gain from this combo is well worth it. If you are more serious about recording some high-quality hunting or target footage, then this is the mount for you.

Reviews on the Solomark smartphone scope mount and magnification lens are excellent with users impressed by how much the lens improves the clarity of their footage. The scope mount keeps your phone firmly supported atop your rifle and the lens improves the focus through your optic. These two pieces work together to create a clear, stabilized picture of your best kills and perfect target shots.


If you are looking to record footage through your scope with a smartphone then you want the ability to produce a stable and clear image. By far the best scope mount is the Solomark mount and when it is coupled with their picture-enhancing lens you will be able to produce beautiful footage of some of your best moments. Make sure you read the instructions clearly and set up your mount so it holds the phone in place firmly with the camera centered in your optic. Ensure that the phone is square, and both your camera lens and scope lenses are wiped clean of dirt and debris before installing to get the most out of your equipment. Owning a high-quality smartphone scope mount can bring great joy and allow you to share those heart-stopping moments in the field with your closest friends and family.

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