Bighorn Gun Safe Reviews

  • Written By Eric Crouch on March 15, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Bighorn is one of the few brands that fall under the Rhino Metals umbrella. Whereas other brands such as Kodiak are targeted at the customer who is unwilling to pay the premium price that goes along with US manufactured safes, Bighorn is meant to appeal to the enthusiast.

Still, this does not mean that Bighorn is only meant for the gun collector. The company has many safes that can be used by people who simply want to store a self-defense weapon.

Unlike many other companies whose safes differ only slightly, Bighorn has a few safes in its collection that are completely different from one another. With decent security on all of their models, choosing the perfect safe for you comes down to personal needs rather than a necessity of protection.

We have gone ahead and reviewed a few of the best safes that fall under the Bighorn brand. All of them are a decent choice. However, it is important you make sure the safe in question serves your purpose before you shell out some money over it, and that is the decision that we will help you make.

Bighorn Gun Safes: Head-to-Head

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Best Bighorn Gun Safes Reviewed

Best Overall: Bighorn Classic Gun Safe 5928ECC-SPL

  • 2.75mm steel to protect against any drilling attempts
  • Lots of customization options as well as a door organizer
  • Very decent fire protection with no ‘hotspot’ areas
  • 180-degree door hinge
  • Predrilled slots for floor anchoring as well as a dehumidifier
  • A little heavy
  • Color is not ideal

If you are a gun collector looking for a cheap safe that can store a ton of long guns while still having enough room left over for your valuables as well as sidearms, then the Bighorn Classic Safe is perfect for you. This safe is quite similar to the Bighorn 19 ECB, one of the most popular Bighorn safes (in fact, so popular that it is difficult to find it on the market nowadays). Personally, I found the Classic Safe to be a little bit better than the ECB, and here is why:

Sturdy Door

The overall thickness of the door is 4.75”, with the formed front being 1.5” thick. On top of that, you also have 8 different door bolts that are 1” in diameter to make sure that the door is held in place. This, coupled with the 12 gauge steel that the safe uses, makes sure that the door is incredibly difficult to break.

UL Listed Type 1 Electronic Lock

The lock offered on the Bighorn Classic Safe is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to budget safes. Thankfully, Bighorn has built the safe to further amplify the strength of the lock. For example, there are triple hardened steel plates that make sure that the lock is almost impossible to drill into (unless the burglar has incredibly powerful tools at hand, which is highly improbable).

On top of that, the is a spring-loaded re-locker to make sure that the safe is still secure if someone tries to remove the lock or alter it in any way.

Extensive Fire-Protection

At first glance, the Bighorn Classic Safe does not seem to be that resistant to fire. Most modern safes are able to protect against a fire raging at 1400-degrees for 45 minutes. The Classic Safe is only able to protect against 1200-degrees for 30 minutes.

However, Bighorn makes up for it by making sure that the safe is fully fire lined. There are no hot spot areas where the firing lining isn’t present. Most safes with an internal hinge like this one usually have these spots that can end up damaging some of the valuables in the safe.

Of course, the safe has industry-standard heat-activated door seal that will expand up to 7 times its size when heated. This will make sure that smoke and heat is kept out in the case of a fire.


This is one of the only issues I have with this safe. While most of the other safes in the Bighorn lineup look decent, the Classic Safe is a little different. The safe is coated with a coppervein finish with brass accents. Instead of being black or silver like most other safes, the Classic Safe has a slightly brownish tinge to it.

Of course, there are people that actually like the way it looks. If that is the case, then this is not a problem for you. However, others may prefer to opt for a different one with similar features such as the Bighorn 19 ECB.

Bottom Line

Despite its looks, the Bighorn Classic Safe is my favorite from the entire lineup. With a lot of security packed into it and enough space for the average gun collector, this safe is perfect for residential areas.

Best For Collectors: Bighorn Expect More 47.3 CuFt Gun Safe

  • Huge amounts of space
  • Extra fire protection
  • Carpeted interior
  • Premium look
  • American Built
  • Built-in lighting
  • Quite expensive (only in absolute terms, it still provides great value)

The Bighorn Expect More stays true to its name. Unlike other safes by Bighorn, it is made in the USA. In fact, it may be better to consider the Bighorn Expect More as a Rhino safe than a Bighorn one. Here is why you should be willing to pay the price:

Unlimited Room

There will be very few gun collectors who have more guns than this safe can fit. The Classic Safe only had around 19 cubic feet of space inside it. This one, on the other hand, has over 47. This means that it is over 2.5 times bigger than the aforementioned model.

Apart from this, there is a door organizer that can be commended with other accessories. It is possible to place more than 10 handguns as well as other valuables in the door organizer alone. Couple that with the customizable shelf space, and this safe will probably be able to protect all of your valuables.

Amazing Fire Resistance

The Expect More is able to protect your valuables against fire at 1400-degrees, for up to 2 hours. 2 hours is more than enough time for you to put out even the most aggressive house fire, and this almost guarantees the safety of your valuables.

Sadly, this does mean that the safe is incredibly heavy. In fact, at over 1200 pounds, it is impossible for you to move the safe from your sidewalk (where it will be delivered) to your house unless you hire professional safe movers.

Premium Protection

While the lock on the Expect More is the same as the Classic Safe, the door is 5.75” thick. Breaking into this safe is going to be difficult for even veteran burglars.

On top of that, the interior is carpeted. This makes sure that your weapons and other valuables do not suffer from wear and tear when they collide with the walls of the safe. It also makes sure that regardless of the climate outside, your valuables are kept safe and dry.


The Bighorn Expect More has a gloss finish that shimmers under the light and looks absolutely beautiful. There have been numerous reports that the glossy finish fades over time. However, it is hard to imagine this safe not looking beautiful even without the glossy exterior.

Bottom Line

I don’t think you will be able to find a safe of this quality and features at such a low price anywhere else. If you are an avid collector who requires a safe for the long-term, then the Bighorn Expect More is it!

Bonus Pick: Bighorn Lock Box

  • Dirt cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Wired security cable
  • Only stores a single handgun and magazine

The Bighorn Lock Box is ideal for someone who wants to keep a cheap safe for a self-defense weapon in order to make sure their kids are unable to get their hands on it.


Since the safe is not meant to protect the weapon from burglars or fire but rather from those unfit to possess a weapon, there isn’t a lot when it comes to security features. You unlock the safe using a traditional key, and there is a wired security cable for additional protection.


The safe is extremely compact and lightweight. Not only can you keep it near your bed in case you need it, but you can also carry it easily in a vehicle. Of course, this means that you are only able to get a handgun and a magazine to fit inside it. However, that is more than enough for self-defense.

Bottom Line

The Bighorn Lock Box serves one purpose. It is meant to be a way to have a weapon in your house without having to worry about it being used for any illicit purposes. It is a great buy for gun owners who have no interest in owning more than a single sidearm.

Bighorn’s History

Bighorn is a subsidiary of Rhino Metals. Rhino Metals is not known for producing the most technologically advanced safes. However, their safes are known to be one of the best when it comes to fire protection in the industry.

Bighorn, like Kodiak, is advertised as an economy-brand. This means that their safes are cheaper than the actual Rhino lineup. That said, Bighorn safes still cost a fair amount.

What Bighorn differentiates itself on is its appeal to specific purposes. While other companies build safes that are meant to cater to as many people as possible, Bighorn instead focuses on as elect niche with most of its safes. As such, many gun enthusiasts who are unable to find a safe anywhere else to suit their needs look towards Bighorn.

Bighorn has spent most of its life under the radar, overshadowed by some of the more ‘famous’ brands in the industry. However, their safes are reliable, secure, and unique. As such, Bighorn is a company that definitely needs to be considered by anyone looking to purchase a new safe.

Where Are Bighorn Safes Made?

Bighorn safes, like other budget brands, are produced in China. Rhino safes are all produced in the US, and people may think that Bighorn employs shoddy construction. However, that is not true.

Once a Bighorn safe has been built, it is never shipped directly to the customer. Instead, it is shipped to the Rhino factory where they make sure that the safe is functional and satisfies their grueling quality checks. Only once a safe has been proven to be up to Rhino’s rigorous standards is it shipped to the customer.

Why Purchase a Bighorn Safe?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why purchasing a Bighorn safe may be worth it:

Limited Warranty: In case of any damage, Bighorn will replace or repair your safe. However, you must keep the receipt of your purchase, as well as provide them with pictures and a police/fire report. Also, remember that you have to bolt down your safe in order to be eligible for the warranty. Lastly, you also get a one-year warranty on both the locks and the paint.

Style: The vast majority of Bighorn safes, while massive in size, have a low-profile appearance. This meant that you can fit them in your home without having to worry about it looking too out of place.

Security: While the safes only have electronic locks, they do have commendable fire protection. With multiple layers to protect your valuables and thick steel to make sure it is as hard as possible for a burglar to drill in, there isn’t a huge chance of you losing your guns or your valuables.

Price: Although they are on the cheapest safes on the market, Bighorn safes do provide incredible value. At the very least, those who are looking for large safes for their gun collections will be very pleased with Bighorn’s size to price ratio.

Testing: All Bighorn safes are tested against a lot of non-power tools as well as a handheld drill. While this is not really what a professional thief may use, you do have the assurance that your safe will keep out the vast majority of intruders.

Customer Service: Bighorn is known for their customer service. Not only during the delivery process but also during warranty claims. In fact, this is the thing that it is most commended for in online customer reviews.

Final Verdict

Keeping everything in mind, the Bighorn Classic Safe is one of the best safes that you can get for its price. It has everything that a budding gun collector could want from a safe. Ample room, customization options, and decent protection.

The alternative option, while a premium one, is also worth it. Even though you are shelling out a huge amount of money, you are getting a lot of value for it. Even though it may not look like it, but the Bighorn Expect More is still a budget safe considering its features.

Lastly, those who just want to keep their handgun away from their kids may want the 

For most people, I would recommend the Classic. Of course, if you are serious about your gun collection, then the Expect More is a great option at a competitive price.

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