Gamo Magnum Air Rifle: An in-Depth Review

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 3, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

What makes the Gamo Magnum attractive as an air rifle? Is this rifle worth your time? What are the pros and cons of the Gamo Magnum? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this article.

The Gamo Magnum Air Rifle is a high-powered gas-ram rifle that brings quality, durability, and functionality to the table. We love this rifle here at Trendy Tactical and it is our favorite gas-piston air rifle within this price range. It offers a break-barrel loading system mounted on a synthetic all-weather stock that feels nice in the hand and is extremely durable.

We love the way this rifle looks, unlike some other rifles in its class, the Magnum’s synthetic stock is very pleasing to the eye and provides a stealthy, tactical look. The scope provided with this rifle is of high-quality, very sturdy, and performs well with consistent accuracy – a somewhat unusual factor when considering its price tag.

If you’re looking for a performance powerhouse with a gas-ram charging style and break-barrel action, then look no further than the Gamo Magnum air rifle. It is extremely highly rated and regarded as one of the best in its price range, putting this rifle at the top of the list for your next air rifle for under $350. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to make an educated decision on whether this rifle is the right fit for you.

Accuracy and Preciseness

The Gamo Magnum is extremely accurate and precise once broken-in properly. With its fiber optic sights and accurate factory-installed scope you will be sure to high the target on the mark every time. This rifle offers a SWA (shock wave absorber) recoil pad that acts to reduce noticeable recoil up to 75%, this makes it extremely easy to shoot and produce accurate pellet placement. The CAT (custom action trigger) trigger is very responsive and easy to use which also aids an accurate shot. These factors combined make the Magnum extremely responsive, accurate, and precise.

This air rifle is extremely comfortable and easy to hold and surprisingly its lightweight stock doesn’t seem to affect its accuracy and consistency. Couple this air rifle with the Gamo Red Fire .177 Pellets to unlock its full performance, these seem to be the most efficient and consistent pellets for use in this rifle. With this gun and pellet combo, some people have even reported pinpoint accuracy at over 98 yards with the pellet still hitting hard upon impact. This kind of performance is rare for a gun of this size and price range.

The Gamo Magnum comes in both .177 and .22 calibers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but what they each share is the same accuracy and precision. If you are looking for accuracy over distance when target shooting, then the .177 variant is best for you. The .177 is a favorite for serious target shooters due to its consistent, accuracy over long-distances, however, this doesn’t mean the .22 doesn’t perform just as well.

The .22 variant of the Magnum will provide the same accuracy over distance as the .177 although it will be a lot more difficult to hit the mark consistently. You will experience pellet arcing over extreme distances therefore, as a marksman, you will need to adjust your aim to correct this effect. The .22 really comes into its own when out in the field hunting game. This rifle has plenty of power for humane kills. Couple its power with its great accuracy and you have got the perfect high-powered article for all manner of hunting purposes.

The Gamo Magnum will not fail to impress you when accuracy and preciseness is concerned, it’ll leave you with a smug grin on your face every time you hit the mark. If you are looking for an accurate powerhouse for serious target shooting or hunting, then perhaps this air rifle is for you.

Power and Velocity

Gamo’s IGT (inert gas technology) MACH 1 gas piston system brings hard-hitting power and fast velocity to the table. The Magnum in our opinion is the best of the best in the gas-ram class under $350, its power is astonishing, and its velocity is good enough to hit targets hard at 100 yards. This rifle balances high-power with pinpoint accuracy which means any target that comes into its path gets decimated every time.

The Magnum in .177 caliber offers the user up to 1650FPS at 26.6ft-lbs of muzzle energy, plenty of power and velocity for long-distance target practice. The .22 caliber version offers the user up to 1300FPS at 26.6ft-lbs of muzzle energy, making it ideal for humane kills on anything up to the size of a raccoon. Couple the .177 variant with the Gamo Red Fire Pellet and the .22 with the H&N Hornet Point Pellet to unlock a high velocity while keeping accuracy and precision stable.

The power this rifle brings to the table can only be beaten by either a gas-ram with a huge price tag or an expensive pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. The value for money factor that this rifle has makes it extremely attractive and its power is certainly not sacrificed by that small price tag. If you’re looking for a high-powered break-barrel that you can pick up with a handful of pellets and get out shooting with ease, then this is the rifle for you.

Charging Style

The Gamo Magnum air rifle uses a gas piston that is compressed using a break-barrel cocking system. Gamo uses their IGT Mach 1 gas-ram in this gun which provides excellent power with smooth cocking and shooting. This system brings faster velocity and more energy to the table compared to other gas-ram guns in this price range. Being a gas piston rather than a spring also means you can sit for long periods with the gun cocked and ready to fire.

Gas-ram air rifles do not suffer from any fatigue like their spring-powered cousins which make it the perfect low-maintenance system for high-powered use that will last a lifetime. The Magnum’s charge system is user friendly and durable, however, with the piston being under such high pressure don’t expect an easy cock with the break-barrel. Such high pressure in the piston is needed to produce the power this gun produces so don’t be put off by the stiff cocking action, this is common with gas-ram guns with higher velocity and muzzle energy.

Ideal Uses

The Magnum is an excellent all-rounder however it is best suited for two situations – hunting and serious target practice. This doesn’t mean that this rifle won’t serve well in other situations, but we feel this rifle outperforms others in its class when put in these two situations.

Serious Target Practice – Ideal Caliber: .177

The Gamo Magnum in .177 caliber is best suited for serious target practice but also affordable enough to consider for casual shooting and backyard plinking. Its power and velocity will succeed in hitting targets hard at any distance up to around 100 yards while its accuracy and precision will provide satisfying exactness up to the same distance. The .177 Magnum is a high powered, accurate article for long-distance target practice, if you like the sound of this then the Gamo Magnum in .177 may well be the ideal match for you.

This rifle is a pleasure to use in the field when shooting targets and the fact that it comes equipped with a good-quality scope at 3-9×40 is a huge benefit to the buyer with target practice in mind. You really can’t find a combo like this with the same specification and all-round performance for the same price.

Although the .22 variant will hit hard and accurate at distance, if you are serious about target shooting then you will benefit more from the .177 caliber gun. A .177 pellet has a truer trajectory over long distance and pellets in this caliber are cheaper too, an added bonus if you are shooting regularly! If you’re not too concerned about shooting targets seriously but instead would like something both accurate and powerful enough to serve target practice and hunting then, by all means, the .22 variant is a great option!

Serious Hunting Purposes and Larger Pest Control – Ideal Caliber: .22

The Magnum’s superior power and performance make it an excellent option for the serious hunter looking to take down game up to raccoon size. You will find its custom action trigger a dream to use when you’re under pressure, and the scope that’s provided is ample enough for any hunting situation you may put this gun under. Your best option is the .22 caliber variant for this purpose and if you use a high-quality hunting pellet like the H&N Hornet Point Pellets you will be sure to take down prey humanely even at long-range.

The Gamo Magnum’s fully synthetic stock offers the hunter an all-weather hunting solution that will hold up well for a lifetime with minimal maintenance. This is a big win for the hunter as there will be very little worry when out in the rain or snow, however, It is still important to dry off the rifle’s barrel and store it in a well-ventilated area. Overall, the Magnum in .22 caliber is the perfect rifle for serious hunting and will not disappoint when it comes down to taking out quarry in the field.

If you are looking for a high-powered air rifle for use on your land or property, then the Magnum is a great place to look. Perhaps a little too powerful for close-range, small pest problems however with a suitable hollow point like the Crossman 14.3grain Hollow point you should be fine for any pest applications at or over 10 yards. Consider the power of your rifle when using it on your property and use a good hollow point and a sufficient backstop to reduce the likeliness of pellet travel.

Overall Performance

Overall, the performance of the Gamo Magnum air rifle is high with promising specifications offered to the marksman. It has excellent power and superior accuracy compared to competitors in its class and price range and all-round it’s a great value powerhouse that’s ideal for the serious hunter or target shooter.

The lightweight synthetic stock provides an all-weather solution for extended periods in the rain which is ideal for hunting (.22 cal). Its light weight makes it easy to hold and carry in the field for long periods, and its eye-catching tactical design is sure to please even the most traditional of marksmen. All-round it is a stylish performance rifle that has a place in every shooters armory.

Consider the Gamo Magnum if you’re looking for an air rifle with great power, accuracy, and durability. It’s an excellent all-round article that you can grab with a handful of pellets and be out of the door shooting in no time. You don’t get the external charging drawbacks that a PCP brings or any of the problems that are related with spring-powered rifles, making the Magnum an exceptionally reliable and extremely functional article.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Fitted with a durable and ergonomic all-weather synthetic stock
  • Fitted with a high-quality, high-performance scope
  • Stylish tactical looks
  • High powered and perfectly accurate
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It has a user-friendly trigger that is a pleasure to use
  • Quite loud and the synthetic stock seems to reverberate sound (no silencer)
  • A little hard to cock but that is to be expected considering the rifle’s power
  • No sling mounts on the rifle
  • Can be difficult to find replacement seals although not impossible


The Gamo Magnum air rifle is a good choice for the intermediate to experienced hunter or target shooter. If you are considering purchasing a gas-ram gun and want power and accuracy, then this is the perfect choice for you. The gun and scope combo that is offered with the gun is better than anything else within its price range and will suit both hunting and target uses. This rifle’s desirable looks and outstanding performance make it attractive to a wide audience and its functionality and usability make it suitable for multiple experience levels.

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