The Hatsan Model 95 Air Rifle: An in-Depth Review

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 19, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

What makes the Hatsan Model 95 attractive as an air rifle? Is this rifle worth your time? What are the pros and cons of the Hatsan Model 95? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this article.

The Hatsan Model 95 is a stunning air rifle with some beautiful features. Its 17.7-inch barrel sits on a gorgeous Turkish walnut stock which makes way for an eye-catching golden trigger piece. The 95 isn’t just a pretty face either, it performs extremely well in its class and is the ideal article for hunters and target shooters alike. This gas-piston break-barrel air rifle is beautifully built, hard-hitting, and accurate. If you are looking for a new gas-piston break-barrel to add to your collection, then look no further than this gorgeous powerhouse.

Accuracy and Preciseness

The Hatsan Model 95 air rifle is extremely accurate and produces consistent results on targets up to 70 yards. You can expect groups under 1.5 inches when fired at ranges between 35 – 45 yards, which is pretty impressive considering the price range. If you are looking to get the best accuracy for target practice you may want to trade out the factory scope for something with a bit more quality.

This air rifle won’t have pinpoint accuracy straight out of the box and does have quite a long break-in period, so take this into consideration if you purchase the rifle and buy a couple of tins of pellets just in case. The Hatsan 95 tends to settle down after around 100 pellets, but this number could be more or less with some people experiencing pin-point accuracy after 50 pellets and others over 100.

This rifle features a beautifully crafted walnut stock that sits comfortably in the hands and its butt cushion is crafted out of a delicate rubber-like material that absorbs shock brilliantly. A 2 stage match trigger that uses shock absorbent technology makes this rifle a dream to use while helping to increase accuracy through recoil softening.

As mentioned earlier, this rifle comes with a scope included in the price. Although it is not the best scope on the market it functions well and provides everything you need in an optic for casual use. Along with the included scope, the rifle features Tru-Glo Fiber Optic sights that are adjustable (front and rear) to tune the gun into ultimate preciseness.

The 95 is designed and built to cater to the hunter and is the ideal air rifle for taking down game humanely in the field. They have a .22 caliber option which is ideal for accurate mid-range hunting for small game animals up to the size of a raccoon. A .25 caliber variant also exists if you want a rifle that hits hard with impact at closer ranges for slightly larger game. Both variants are unbelievably accurate and serve their purpose well.

Although the Hatsan Model 95 is built with the hunter in mind, the target shooter will love this rifle for its great looks, outstanding accuracy, and its extremely responsive 2-stage trigger. Overall, the Hatsan serves well as a field gun for hunting, target practice, and pest control but perhaps a little too loud and hard-hitting for the backyard.

Power and Velocity

The Hatsan Model 95 produces similar stats in both .22 and .25 caliber with a muzzle energy of 15.5Ft/Lbs and 1000FPS Muzzle velocity. This gives it plenty of power for hunting any typical air rifle game humanely and accurately at distances up to around the 50-yard mark. It is safe to say this rifle has enough power to suit any field situations you may find yourself in, whether that is shooting targets or hunting.

This air rifle is comfortable to hold, easy to use, accurate, and has plenty of power for hunting and casual target practice. Whether you want to hit a mark on a target hard at over 50 yards or take out your favorite game humanely, the 95 has got you covered. Anything from squirrel up to raccoon size will shiver at the sight of this rifle’s barrel and once the prey is within its crosshairs it is sure to meet a quick and painless fate.

Charging Style

The 95 uses a gas-piston as its power source for projecting a .22 or .25 grain pellet at over 1000FPS. The gas-piston is charged using a break-barrel cocking system and the pellet is loaded in its breach. The cocking effort is a little extensive and requires a bit of arm work to charge the piston however it is no more demanding than some lower-powered air rifles within the same price range.

The performance and usability of this gun far outweigh the cocking effort of this rifle, so don’t let the arm-workout put you off. This does mean that this air rifle is not the best option for the young marksman that is beginning in the world of air rifles though. It is better suited in the hands of an adult that enjoys hunting with a traditional break-barrel air-weapon.

Ideal Uses

The Hatsan Model 95 is a gas-piston break-barrel air rifle with great power and accuracy. It is most suited for field use and is not ideal for backyard target practice and plinking unless your yard is large without close neighbors. The 95 is quite loud when used in a confined space and would likely cause nuisance noise to closely bordering neighbors, but when used in the field for hunting and target shooting this noise is less of an issue. Below we have outlined exactly why this air rifle is the perfect field weapon for hunting and casual target practice.

Hunting Game and Controlling Pests

The Hatsan Model 95 is built with hunting in mind and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in the field, no matter how challenging the scenario. Its beautifully designed stock is both desirable to the eye and highly functional. It is comfortable to hold for long periods of time which makes stalking prey or sitting out in the field for extended periods both do-able and enjoyable.

The shock-absorbing qualities, 2-stage match trigger, and fully adjustable fiber optic sights make shooting small game with pinpoint accuracy possible and easy. If its larger game, you are looking to take down then both the .22 and .25 caliber variants perform extremely well. The .22 variant gives you plenty of weight in the pellet to take down anything up to raccoon size at long-distance while the .25 gives you the opportunity to hit hard and punch through bigger game at shorter distances.

This rifle really does pack a punch and is accurate enough to hunt even the smallest of game with accuracy. The pinpoint precision of this rifle makes it a great pest control weapon as well, however, the relatively loud pop this rifle produces can make it antisocial for pest control in the neighborhood. If you own a farm, a large piece of land, or your property has an extensive backyard, then the Hatsan Model 95 is an extremely durable pest control weapon for pests from rat all the way to raccoon.

Field Target Practice

Although the Hatsan Model 95 has undoubtedly been designed and constructed for use in the field for hunting game with power and accuracy, we couldn’t help but give it some gratitude for its target capabilities.

Due to its great velocity and preciseness, this air rifle serves brilliantly as a target shooter, especially when coupled with the right pellet. Although there are plenty of better air rifles out there that suit target shooting more closely, we feel the 95 is a big contender in the under $200 range. You can’t ask for much more in a rifle for under this price and for the money you will receive a beautifully crafted accurate article that can serve well as a target shooter and hunting rifle.

Although it hasn’t been designed with target shooting in mind, you will have a lot of fun shooting targets in the field. We don’t doubt that when coupled with a decent target scope this gun will be able to produce tight groups at long-distance. You will not be winning any target competitions with the Hatsan 95 but with a bit of tweaking this gun has the potential to perform extremely well when it comes to accurate target shooting.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of the Hatsan Model 95 gas-piston air rifle is outstanding, especially when you consider the price it is on the market for. We have held rifles that cost 2 or 3 times the money of the 95 and they have felt poorly made and much lower-quality compared to this rifle. There are also other rifles on the market that cost twice the money and perform worse than the 95. We are not saying that this air weapon is the best that money can buy, however, the quality, performance, and looks you receive when you purchase this rifle far overtakes anything else in its price range.

This accurate powerhouse doesn’t disappoint when it comes to build quality and performance. It fires a .22 pellet hard enough to take down any quarry from squirrel to raccoon up to 50 yards and a .25 pellet hard enough to take out larger game within 30 yards. With enough practice, we are sure that the Hatsan 95 will not disappoint when it comes to target shooting, and hitting a target accurately over 50 yards is certainly possible with its performance specs.

The only thing this rifle is let down by is the scope it comes with. If you match this rifle with a better scope you will be sure to home in your accuracy to devastating levels, allowing you to unlock the full capabilities of this beautiful weapon.

  • Highly accurate
  • Powerful and fast at 15.5Ft/Lbs of muzzle energy and 1000FPS of muzzle velocity
  • Comes in a rifle and scope combo
  • Offers extremely good value for money
  • Stunning looks with its walnut stock, beautifully crafted barrel, and gold trigger
  • Brilliant build-quality
  • A profound shock-absorbing system that works for easy use and rifle longevity
  • A little on the heavier side, due to the steel mechanics and hardwood walnut stock
  • The scope supplied isn’t the best of quality, although it functions well a replacement may be desired by the more experienced marksman
  • Quite loud compared to other gas-piston rifles in its class


The Hatsan Model 95 is a high-quality visually beautiful gun that has been designed and constructed with longevity in mind. Hatsan has a reputation for building guns that last while providing impressive performance. The 95 lives up to Hatsan’s reputation and is certainly no exception. If you are looking for a beautifully crafted, reliable, and accurate powerhouse that uses a break-barrel charging style then we highly recommend the 95, and for under $200 you cannot complain!

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