Hornady Rapid Safe Reviews

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 16, 2018
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Hornady earned their stripes by manufacturing a lot of quality gun safes. All are made from high-quality materials and have special security features to safeguard your firearm.

It is for these reasons why Hornady has become a trusted brand, and the number of safes available makes it an attractive option for gun enthusiasts. The challenge now is learning which one to buy.

If you don’t have the time to review the dozens of Hornady gun safes, you can use this review guide as I chose the top 5 after reviewing their other products.

Top 5 Hornady Rapid Safe: Comparison Chart

Product ConstructionRFID AccessDimensionsView on Amazon
Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe16 gauge steelYes15.5 x 9 x 3.5 inchesCheck Price
Hornady Heavy Duty RAPiD Safe with Accessories14 gauge steelYes10 x 3.8 x 15 inchesCheck Price
Hornady 9817214 gauge steelYes12.7 x 8.7 x 2.9 InchesCheck Price
Hornady 9817714 gauge steelYes10.7 x 8.7 x 2.9-InchesCheck Price
Hornady 9819016 gauge steelYes42” x 15.25” x 6.75Check Price

Our Favorite Picks of Hornady Safes

Best Overall : Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

Like the Hornady Rapid vehicle safe, the Rapid Security comes with several features to secure your firearm. Its design is child resistant and offers multiple access points for your convenience.

Touch Free Entry

The Security Rapid Gun Safe lets you open the safe via decal, key fob or a wristband.  You can also program RFID tags for enhanced security.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Security gun safe is made of 16 gauge steel for extra strength. The locking mechanism is built from 1/4” steel.

Quick Installation

There are pre-mounting holes on the gun safe so you can mount it quickly. If you want to secure it in your room, all the necessary mounting hardware are provided.

Multiple Power Options

The Security Rapid Gun Safe can be run on batteries or AC power. So whether you’re at home or taking the safe on the road, your gun is always accessible.

Anti-Theft Protection

The gun safe has a 1500 lb rated security cable to deter theft. This cable also complements the heavy steel housing and the interior locks.

High Quality Safety Standards

This Rapid safe meets the standards set by ASTM International. The safe also complies with the California DOJ requirements for gun safes.

Keypad Entry Access

The Security Rapid gun safe allows you to quickly program the keypad. You can enter 4 to 6 digit codes for security.

Bottom Line

The Hornady Security is a great gun safe, sturdily built and ideal not just for guns but for other valuables. The soft gel wristband in particular is effective.

What I Like
  • Made from durable materials
  • Several access points available
  • Very responsive
  • Anti-tampering mechanism built in
  • Touch free entry works quickly
What I Didn’t Like
  • Opening the gun safe makes some noise
  • The springs could have been stronger

Hornady Heavy Duty RAPiD Safe with Accessories, X-Large

Hornady 98170 Heavy Duty RAPiD Safe with Accessories, X-Large

If you read a Hornady Rapid Safe 2700 review you’ll get an idea of what this gun safe can do. It’s got the essential features you’d expect from the Rapid line, plus a few more useful accessories.


The safe fits 4 inch revolvers and 1911 size handguns so getting your handgun to fit isn’t going to be an issue.

Durable Body

The exterior casing is built from 14 gauge steel so it can withstand heavy use. This Hornady safe is also child resistant.


This safe comes with 2 stickers, a key fob, a bracelet, 2 barrel lock keys and 4 RFID tags.

Manual Access

Worried that your gun will get stuck inside if the battery or power goes out? No problem as the safe comes with manual keys.

RFID Technology

By resting the wristband over the button you’ll be able to open the safe. You can also use the decal or key fob.

Safety Standards

The gun safe matches the requirements set by the California DOJ and ASTM International for gun safety.

Power Options

The Heavy Duty gun safe can run on an AC adapter when you’re at home. You can also use batteries if you’re traveling.

Security Features

The locking lugs are reinforced which makes the safe difficult to tamper with.

Bottom Line

The Heavy Duty Rapid Safe is one of the most versatile storage solutions available today. It is well built, secures your gun well yet allows quick access.

What I Like
  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Made from heavy duty parts
  • The RFID wristband is very responsive
  • Pre-drilled holes make mounting easy
  • Set up guide is easy to follow
What I Didn’t Like
  • The RFID chips look a little flimsy
  • The barrel lock is very conspicuous

Hornady 98172 RAPiD Safe 2700KP Handgun Security Safe, X-Large

Hornady 98172 RAPiD Safe 2700KP Handgun Security Safe, X-Large

This Hornady 2700kp review can say this is an exceptional gun safe. With its multiple access points and heavy duty built, the 98172 Rapid gun safe is ideal for any gun owner.


The 2700kp fits four inch revolvers and 1911 guns, and the 9” x 7.7” x 2” interior provides plenty of breathing room.


The gun safe’s security cable allows you to secure it anywhere. Thee 2700kp also meets and exceeds the prerequisites set by the DOJ CA and the TSA for luggage checking.

Ready to Use

Like other Hornady gun safes, the 2700kp is designed to run on electrical power or batteries. This gives you more options for using the gun safe.

Anti Tampering Design

The 27000kp is built to withstand tampering. The entire unit is comprised of 14 inch thick steel fortified with locking lugs.

Durable Built

The 2700kp was built to keep your gun safe from children. The lock is child resistant and even adults will have a difficult time cracking it.

Thoroughly Tested

The 2700kp was tested heavily prior to being released. To ensure safety and security, the gun safe underwent drop/saw/pick tests, lock strength tests and also prying resistance.

Multiple Entry Points

You can use the RFID, manual keys or sticker to open the safe.


The package includes a security cable, 2 circular barrel keys, an RFID key fob, 2 RFID stickers, the RFID wristband and power supply.

Bottom Line

The 98172 is an excellent gun safe, combining high end security features with convenience.. For durability and versatility the 98172 is worth considering.

What I Like
  • Easy to use
  • Has effective anti-tampering measures
  • Opens and closes quietly
  • Accessible in different ways
  • Meets US gun safe requirements
What I Didn’t Like
  • The safe feels a bit light
  • Opens up to 140 degrees only

Hornady 98177 RAPiD Safe 2600KP Large Handgun Security Safe with RFID Technology

Hornady 98177 RAPiD Safe 2600KP Large Handgun Security Safe with RFID Technology (10.7 x 8.7 x 2.9-Inches)

The 2600kp is one of the better gun safes that Hornady has made. With its RFID technology, your firearm is always available.

Multiple Entry Points

The 2600kp can be opened in several ways including RFID, a sticker or the key chain. Up to 5 RFID tags are programmable and you can also open the safe with the supplied key.

Safe and Secure

The 2600kp exceeds the ASTM standards for safety. It has also been evaluated against tampering, prying, dropping and lock picking.

Solid Housing

The 2600kp gun safe is made of 14 gauge steel for extra strength. It also comes with fortified lock lugs to prevent prying and tampering.


The 2600kp has a spacious interior that’s sufficient for large handguns, making it the ideal solution if your old gun safe is too cramped.

Battery and AC Support

The 2600kp is compatible with an AC adapter and batteries, giving you the opportunity to choose the best option.

Easy to Operate

The RFID wristband simplifies access to the gun safe, and it’s just as convenient to use the keypad. If you want to open the traditional way, keys are provided.

Quick Mounting

The 2600kp has holes pre-drilled so you can mount this without complications.

Detailed Instructions

The 2600kp gun safe comes with a detailed instruction guide so even if you have never used a Hornady gun safe before, you will know what to do.

Bottom Line

The 98177 2600kp is a heavy duty gun safe, dependable at home or your vehicle. It’s really child resistant and yet remains easily accessible.

What I Like
  • Numerous entry points
  • Easy to operate
  • RFID wristband responds well
  • Batteries run for months
  • Made of heavy gauge steel
What I Didn’t Like
  • Programming takes a bit of getting used to
  • A lower profile would be better

Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe AR Gunloacker RFID

Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Free Entry

You’re not likely to run into Hornady Rapid safe problems with the AR Gunloacker. It’s got the same level of security like the other RAPID safes, but it’s made for longer, bigger guns.

Portable Design

The Gunloacker is enclosed so you can put it in your vehicle, under your bed or mount on a wall.


The interior accommodates 2 shotguns or 2 rifles. The foam inserts provides firearms protection.


The Gunloacker is made of 16 gauge steel and equipped with heavy duty locks for extra protection. Mounting holes are pre-drilled and a security cable are included as well.

RFID Technology

The Gunloacker comes with a RFID wristband so you can open the safe quickly. You can program 5 RFID tags or use the key chain or sticker.

Keypad Digit Code

The Gunloacker has a keypad that allows you to program 4 to 6 digits for added security.

Tamper Resistant

The Gunloacker meets the ASTM requirements for gun safety standards. It has also been tested for pry and child resistance.

Fortified Housing

This gun safe is built to withstand hinge resistance attacks, drops, lock picking and forcible entry.

Ready to Use

The Gunloacker can run on AC for continuous power supply. You can also use batteries if you carry it in your vehicle.

Bottom Line

The Gunloacker is an excellent gun safe for short and long firearms. Its RFID works very well and it’s also easy to use.

What I Like
  • Made from durable materials
  • Several access points available
  • Very responsive
  • Anti-tampering mechanism built in
  • Touch free entry works quickly
What I Didn’t Like
  • Opening the gun safe makes some noise
  • The springs could have been stronger

The History of the Hornady Safe Brand

Hornady is a US company that manufactures hand loading parts, ammunition, gun safes and related accessories and products. The company is located in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Hornady was established in 1949 by Joyce Hornady along with Vernon Speer. At the end of World War II, Hornady started purchasing surplus gear from the government while making their own products.

Since that time Hornady has expanded its product line and includes gun safes, defense loads, hunting and shooting rounds. Hornady is also known for developing the .17 HM2 and .17 HMR, .375 Ruger, .204 Ruger and .480 Ruger cartridges.

Hornady also manufactures the LEVERevolution ammunition that uses an elastomer tip and spitzer bullet for superior performance. The company also makes a wide array of handloading parts such as shotgun shell components, bullets and cartridges.

While Hornady makes a lot of products they’re still best known for gun safes like the ones I reviewed here.

Where are Hornady Safes Made?

Hornady safes are made in the United States, and each one undergoes rigid quality control. Their Rapid gun safes are manufactured using proprietary methods for enhanced protection and precision.

Hornady Rapid Safes use RFID technology to provide quick and convenient access. The most innovative techniques are used for its construction.

Hornady takes all the steps necessary to ensure each gun safe meets the ASTM standards for safety. Everyone who works on these gun safes are properly trained so you’re assured each one is built to the highest standards. This applies not just to Rapid Safes but all Hornady products.

Why Hornady Safe?

  • Built to Last: all Hornady safes are made from heavy duty gauge steel for additional strength. The interiors are also fortified to protect your firearms.
  • Multiple Options Available: do you need a compact safe for just one pistol? How about 2 handguns? Looking for a storage solution for your shotguns? There’s a Hornady gun safe for your needs.
  • Tamper Resistant: all Rapid gun safes are built to withstand prying and tampering attempts by kids and intruders alike.
  • Easy to Access: Hornady safes offer a multitude of ways to access your gun like manual keys, key chains, keypads and RFID wristbands and decals.
  • Patented Technology: all Hornady gun safes use the latest technology for easy and reliable access.
  • Portable: these gun safes are compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. Even the Hornady shotgun safes are lighter compared to other gun safes being sold today.

How to Program Hornady Safe

To program your RFID Tags, do the following:

  • Open your gun safe using the key code, a programmed RFID tag or the supplied key.
  • Find the red program button. Press the button and let go to start programming an RFID tag. One of the slots should start blinking.
  • Hold and position the tag an inch from the lit RFID on the lid. Once programmed the safe will blink 2 times. The blinking slot turns a solid red for 10 seconds.
  • Hold the RFID tag you programmed over the RFID reader. This should open the gun safe.
  • If the safe does not open, reprogram it following the steps above.
  • You can program up to 5 RFID tags.

How to Program the Key Code

  • You can enter a 4 or 6 digit code in any Rapid safe.
  • Open the safe with an RFID tag, key code or key.
  • Press and release the red program button. The first available slot tag starts to blink.
  • Once the lid is open, submit a 4 to 6 digit code. Tap the H once you’re done entering the code.
  • Reenter the code and tap H again to verify your code.
  • Try the key code and it should work.

Note: these gun safes have a green sensor that indicates the lid is closed. Blinking red means the safe is still closing.

Final Verdict

Hornady gun safes are well designed and provide a lot of benefits and security. Compared to other gun safes you’ll feel more secure with these. The portable nature of these gun safes means they’re ideal for home, vehicles and travel.

But the clear winner from the 5 here is the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe. It is very easy to use, made from durable materials and is resistant to tampering.

The Hornady Security Safe earns the highest score for its very responsive RFID tag and the wristband and decals are easy to program. After conducting this Hornady Rapid safe review I can say the Security Safe really keeps you secure.

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