What is the Most Important Survival Tool Should You Become Lost?

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Knowing what the most important survival tool is and what the most effective items are that you should keep on yourself will ensure that if you do ever become lost you have the best chance of survival. In this article, we will be looking at what the most important survival tool is in an emergency situation and a few other essentials that will get you out of trouble if the worst happens.

What Makes a Good Survival Tool for Emergencies?

A good survival tool for emergencies and survival situations in the back country should be reliable, durable, and help you progress in your plan of escape, rescue, or survival in some way. A survival tool that can function as multiple different tools or be used in different ways to benefit your survival will make a small tool much more versatile and useful. It is better to have one tool that serves multiple uses rather than multiple tools with single uses, especially when survival is concerned.

A tool that can be used to craft a shelter, a fire, and help you find and prepare food is the ultimate survival tool should you become lost. If you can always keep a small multitool that can serve all of these purposes, then you should never be without these three essential survival needs. The ability to make a fire will keep you warm preventing hypothermia, the ability to cut wood and foliage down will keep you dry by building a shelter, and having the ability to hunt or create traps with your tool will keep your stomach full and prevent hunger and starvation.

The only last essential survival need is water to stay hydrated. Owning a survival tool that creates water from thin air would be lifesaving but unfortunately impossible, however, having a tool that can be used to create a rain collection device is not impossible. Chances are if you have a tool that can be used to create fire, hunt, and cut wood to make shelters, you will be able to create some sort of rainwater collection system.

Another great survival tool feature is water filtration. You won’t find a water filtration system in a multi-tool that can be used for hunting, cutting, and fire-starting but you can get a separate tool to help you filter potentially dangerous water. You can find compact filtration devices like filter straws that can be used to drink water straight from the source without the risk of illness. You can also find water bottles that filter water through a series of particle, fiber, and/or chemical filters so you can carry dirty water with you and drink it as clean however these are a bit bulky to have on your at all times.

The final option is water purification tablets. These tablets are dropped in a container of dirty water and they help to sink the sediment and dirt to the bottom and chemically clean the water to kill any potential parasites, bacteria, and viruses. 

You will never find one tool that can serve all of your survival needs, however, you will find a multi-tool that can help you with fire starting, cutting, and hunting and a separate compact tool for water purification and filtration. You can create yourself a compact kit that can be stored in a rucksack or handbag that you use daily just in case you become lost or ever have to survive for yourself in an emergency. A small kit should contain a small first aid kit, multi-tool, filtration system, and a few other small items that will aid in your survival. We will discuss this in more detail further into the article.

What is the Number One Essential Survival Tool Should You Become Lost?

The most essential survival tool that you should have is a multifunctional tool that is compact, reliable, durable, and highly functional. This essential survival multi-tool should be able to cut organic matter (branches, wood, and foliage), start fires (usually with an incorporated firesteel), prepare food, and be used for hunting (with a sharp blade that can be made into a spear or used to carve a spear, arrows, animal trap, etc.). Our number one essential survival multi-tool is the Roxon Spark Survival Multi-tool because it serves all of these purposes perfectly and is highly durable, made from quality materials, and is extremely reliable.

The Roxon Spark Survival Multi-Tool

The Roxon Spark Survival Multi-tool Is a 14 in 1 survival multi-tool that has everything you need to start fires, build shelters, make traps, hunt, and prepare food for eating. This is an extremely versatile, reliable, and durable multi-tool that will hold up well in extreme environments and in a survival situation. Everything is close to hand and extremely easily accessible, meaning you can quickly and efficiently change over tools in a situation where time is of the essence.

The Roxon Spark Survival Multi-tool has 14 different functions that are extremely useful when out in the wild practicing bushcraft and survival. If you ever become lost this is the perfect tool to have on you. It comes with a 10-year warranty and is made of high-quality materials that are crafted to last. If you are looking for the ultimate survival multi-tool that is highly functional, robust, lightweight, and compact then this is the perfect tool for you.

Tool List:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wood saw
  • Sharp knife blade
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Firesteel/ fire starter
  • Emergency whistle
  • Reamer
  • Scraper
  • Awl

Other Essential Survival Items Everyone Should Have

Although the survival multi-tool is the most useful survival tool should you become lost, there are a few other tools that are at the top of the list when survival is concerned. These tools can be combined to create the ultimate survival kit or one or two of these items can be left in your daily bag, in your pocket, or under a seat in your car just in case they are ever needed.

Some of the extra tools on this list allow you to drink dirty water, help you get food, and allow you to aid injuries out in the field. We also have another super-compact multitool that can be slipped in your wallet or purse at all times just in case you need to survive and do not have your other tools on your person.

The Credit Card Survival Multi-Tool

This 18 in 1 credit card multi-tool is a handy multifunctional survival item that can fit in your wallet or purse just as a bank or credit card would. It has a firesteel for starting a fire, a compass for navigation, an emergency whistle, a razer sharp wallet knife, a small saw blade, multiple wrenches, a can opener, and much more! This is an extremely handy tool to keep in your wallet or purse and because of its compact and easily storable dimensions, it is easy to keep on you at all times.

The Water Filtration Straw

The FS-TFC Personal Water Filter Straw is the ultimate piece of survival equipment that could save your life should you become stranded or lost. This filtration straw system is super lightweight and will fit easily into a small backpack or handbag or inside a tactical survival kit case. It filters water perfectly using a 3-stage system that is guaranteed to remove sediment, harmful bacteria, and viruses, as well as making the water clear and completely safe to drink.

The 3-stage system starts with a particulate filter to remove large sediment and floating materials, it then goes through a hollow micro-fiber filter to remove contaminants, disease, and bacteria. The final stage of filtration is an activated carbon filter that filters out chemicals.

Water Purification Tablets

Portable water purification tablets are an emergency solution to creating drinkable water in less than 35 minutes. They chemically purify the water and kill 100% of harmful parasites, bacteria, and viruses producing water that is completely safe to drink. These tablets are extremely compact and come in small bottles of 50, giving you plenty of opportunities to purify dirty water which can potentially be life-threatening in a survival situation. Each pack of 50 tablets has the ability to purify 25 quarts of water which is incredible considering the tiny pack size of these tablets. These are a must-have item for your survival kit or to keep in your backpack when heading out into potentially dangerous environments where you could get lost.

The Survival Fishing Kit

The Survival Fishing Kit is a basic survival kit that enables you to get a hook and line in the water to catch a potential meal. Having a fishing kit on you in a survival situation can be the difference between life and death. If you become lost or stranded near the water, you will find it much easier to catch a meal by fishing than hunting down an animal on land. This kit contains a tin carry case with a waterproof seal and inside you will find a variety of jigs, flies, hooks, leaders, imitation salmon eggs, split shot, fishing line, and bobbers. This is more than enough to get you started fishing in the wild and could save your life should you become lost.

The Survival First Aid Kit

The Survival First Aid Kit is a compact pouch full of 150 essential medical first aid applications. This small kit could save your life by reducing the risk of infection if you injure yourself during a survival or emergency situation. This pack is great to keep in your handbag, rucksack, in your car, or clipped on to a tactical survival kit bag. It is full of sterile wound wipes, sting and bite relief pads, dressings, bandages, adhesive plasters, medical tape, gauzes, sponges, scissors, and much more. You will also find an extremely handy survival blanket inside the pouch which will help you sustain your body heat during cold nights.

Creating the Perfect Compact Survival Kit

Creating a kit that can help you in every aspect of survival will give you the best chance of staying alive should you become lost in the wilderness or in an accident where you need to fend for yourself to survive. Of course, it is not always possible to have a survival kit on your body at all times but if you keep one in your vehicle or your daily rucksack or bag you should have it on you if the worst does happen. The best survival kit will enable you to catch, hunt, or fish for food, create fires and shelters, and filter, contain, or purify water. Having a kit that serves these purposes well will give you the best possible chance of survival.

The items listed above as well as the survival multi-tool will allow you to create the most versatile and functional survival kit possible. Combining these items and adding a few simple homemade touches (cotton and petroleum fire starters and a small sewing kit for example) will cover almost every survival situation possibility. Having a tactical, durable, and compact case to put all of your survival items in, will keep everything in one place and doubles up as a storage solution for foraging food during survival. Check out our handy table below for everything you need to create the ultimate survival kit.

Tool TypeDescriptionCheck Price on Amazon
Survival Multi-ToolThe survival multi-tool allows you to create fire, traps, shelter, and hunt for food.Check Price
Water Filtration StrawThe water filtration straw allows you to drink water that is dirty and potentially lethal to your health.Check Price
Water Purification TabletsWater purification tablets are a compact solution that ensures you are drinking safe water when the source is dirty and potentially contaminated.Check Price
Survival Fishing KitThe survival fishing kit is a compact set of hooks and a hand line that can be used to catch food if you are near a body of water.Check Price
Survival First Aid KitThe survival first aid is a compact first aid kit that has all of the essential medical items should you become injured.Check Price
Tactical Storage CaseThe tactical storage case is a small case with internal storage solutions to store your survival items securely all in one place.Check Price

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