Tactical Toy Miniature Guns

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One of the best ways to teach kids parts of a gun and gun safety is by using replica gun models. Without spending too much money, you can have your gun collection. Kindly note that these are not firearms that are real and useable. They are non- firing replicas made of 1:3 scale models of the original make.  One can customize and collect them or can give as gifts, and much more.

There are different models found and we shall review the common ones that most veterans get to customize and collect for their trophy stands, house museums and gallery.  Often instructions are laid out on how to make each tactical toy for own builds.

#1: Chopper

The chopper as its dubbed was a World War 2 machine that takes almost 10 minutes to assemble. It is black and brown in color and usually displayed on a trophy stand. It is a must-have collection together with the Pumped miniature gun. The universal army rifle has been customized and has a lot of room for the finger at the trigger. Unlike the chopper gun, the pump gun has a scope stand and black in color. It has an assortment of attachments that are availed along. It has 3 position gas valve to look out for.

#2: Fragged Tactical miniature

The fragged Tactical miniature is a replica of the original one that was made of camouflage material. In its term of use, it was known to be intense in service and needed to cool off after every use. The replicas can also be molded as a rifle, an automatic gun, carbine, and sniper gun. The sub-machine mold task to assemble takes 5 minutes. It has a progressive trigger mode that when pulled halfway it produced semi-auto fire and when it is fully pulled it produces auto fire in full. Hence a gun to have in the collection.

#3: Goldilocked

Goldilocked is indeed made of coated gold making it rich and sweet. They are certainly a range to customize and carry them away. So as to enhance library beauty and add to your collection. Gold Shines anyway. They also open up table topics of heated discussions around the firearms. They are status symbols that need minimal maintenance. They are hotly compared with Red team that is electroplated red and grey. It is an AK47 model. The glistering red has entirely changed the look of this model of gun.

#4: Fugazi Gun

Fugazi Gun was known to be an M16 affair. With its rapid and precision in a shootout. The replica is made like the original with its fore grip that’s easy to loosen and tighten where desired. It’s a 10 minutes mind involving session in assembling it. It has a three-star rating. The original was either semiautomatic or fully automatic.

#5: Charky the black M4A1

Meet Charky the black M4A1 that was made for the America finest military. When gifted a replica it means respect, and valor symbolizing the status of the users. It is a must for any collector to customize and carry them. The barrel is durable however a bit heavy.  In line was the Desert Storm digital camouflage M4 guns. They were great on a scorching day. Its stock is a bit wider than the Charky model. It had a top handle for carrying the gun. It had a suppressor and muzzle flash as well. These two replicas are awesome to have. Just order or customize and carry them home.

Torn apart gun was indeed a confusing gun as one wondered is it a black gun with white stripes or a white gun with black stripes. A M4A1 model made of hydrofilm coating. Commonly used in Africa and a replica of the same would be great to display in your library.

#6: Bitchin Betty

Bitchin Betty is as her name and very ruthless babe. It is an ideal tactical miniature to gift a woman or to customize and collect them for self. The pink ‘girl’ got her name when the military aircraft would siren. It stands beautifully at the trophy stand glistering in splendor. To complement Betty here is this guy.

M4RICA a special edition M4A1 full of fireworks, the home run gun is coated with the American flag. One of the pride and joy of many builders and collectors. It is a miniature commonly found in the military collection stand, as a thank you to their service to the nation. Easily assembled in 10 minutes and adds color to the existing collection.

#7: Well Panther

Well, Panther is an artic warfare magnum known for its powerful shots. A lot of people are amazed by its sleek design. Its bipods are easily folded and adjusted to position. Its replica stands to represent when it was used, that is in the modern wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With its origin from the United Kingdom.

Final Words

Let’s wind up with a world-renowned gun American Sniper named after Chris Kyle. The camouflage made it unique. Hunters and snipers love collecting this dream miniature to display in their collections. It’s uniquely known for its muzzle brake as it reduced recoil and flash. It is ranked as 2nd longest sniper kill. All the above guns are good to customize and carry them.

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