Air Arms Tx200 Air Rifle: An in-Depth Review

  • Written By Eric Crouch on June 3, 2020
    Last Updated: January 31, 2021

What makes the Air Arms Tx200 attractive as an air rifle? Is this rifle worth your time? What are the pros and cons of the Air Arms Tx200? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this article.

The Air Arms Tx200 is a high-powered spring-piston underlever rifle with incomparable quality and performance. It features a Rifled steel barrel, beech or walnut Monte Carlo stock, a 2-stage adjustable match trigger, and a sliding breech loading system (revealed when underlever is cocked). This rifle is hard-hitting, precise, and made from high-quality materials.

If you are looking for a top of the range spring-powered weapon to add to your collection, then look no further than this air rifle. In this article we will go over the Tx200’s strengths, weaknesses, ideal uses and overall performance to help you decide whether this is the right gun for you. Without further ado, let’s start with the pros and cons…

Accuracy and Preciseness

The Air Arms Tx200 air rifle has a strong reputation for accurate and precise target shooting. In fact, we would say it is at the top of its class in competition target shooting. For the money you will not find better accuracy from a springer anywhere, making this gun a must-have for the serious target shooter. This rifle will be sure to impress and outperform your expectations dramatically.

Couple this rifle with a good medium to heavy weight pellet such as the H&N Baracuda Match Pellet for .177 caliber, and the H&N Hornet Point Pellet for .22 hunting situations. We found that when the Tx200 was coupled with these pellets it produced superior accuracy that would impress even the most experienced of shooters.

The .22 version of the Tx200 performs well for hunting situations at medium-range and produces clean kills accurately over distance. If you are looking for a durable and easily maintained rifle that when coupled with a good scope can produce pinpoint accuracy and precision, then this air rifle might be a great place for you to look. Once the gun is fully broken-in you will be well on your way to picking off animals in the field repeatedly with a low percentage of failed pellet placement.

The .177 version of the Tx200 is the perfect option for serious target shooters and is at the top of its class when shooting competitively. When using a medium – heavy weight pellet, you will be sure to hit the target on the mark every time. This rifle in .177 caliber is the best option for field target practice, competitive shooting, backyard plinking, and decimating cans and bottles for fun!

The Air Arms Tx200 won’t fail to impress and provides pin-point accuracy in both .22 and .177 calibers. We really can’t rate this rifle highly enough – you only need to look at its well-regarded heritage and reputation of perfect accuracy to see that this gun outperforms competitors in the same class.

Power and Velocity

The Air Arms Tx200’s power and velocity are exceptionally good, but this is to be expected with such a high-regarded powerhouse like this one. In .177 this rifle offers the user up to 930FPS at around 17ft-lbs of muzzle energy. In .22 caliber it offers up to 755FPS at 17ft-lbs of muzzle energy, however, some people have reported higher FPS when using high-velocity pellets.

The Tx200 is definitely up there with some of the most high-powered spring-piston air rifles. Although there are rifles with more power this gun provides the perfect balance of accuracy, consistency, and power without sacrificing any particular performance aspects. What this rifle may lack in power it makes up for in all-round durability and overall spec-balance.

When looking for a high-powered rifle you either have to go for something with an external charge source like a pre-charged pneumatic or you have to find a mechanical self-powered rifle that has superior quality. The Air Arms tx200 is the latter and if you like the idea of having a powerhouse that you can pick up along with a box of pellets to get out the door and shooting easily, then this gun is the best option.

Unlike other high-powered springer air rifles, this gun is extremely smooth and consistent shot to shot. It offers a balanced mainspring and piston system that run on synthetic bearings to reduce mechanical friction. Less energy is lost with a mechanism like this, and less energy lost is more energy placed, meaning the Tx200 produces effortless power and consistency with minimal recoil compared to other springers.

Charging Style

The Air Arms Tx200 is an underlever spring-powered rifle. The underlever cocking action makes it immune to the flaws of a break-barrel while being perfectly balanced butt to muzzle from the added weight of the lever under the barrel. This makes the rifle a pleasure to shoot and reduces recoil dramatically. The underlever is easy to cock, not too stiff, and the loading style of the gun is user-friendly with the sliding breech accessible for loading when the gun is cocked.

This charging style on this air rifle is a user-friendly, durable system that is adored by many for its multiple benefits. Arguably better than its break-barrel cousin, the underlever doesn’t suffer from factors such as barrel droop and scope misalignment because the barrel of an underlever is fixed. The charging style alone makes the Tx200 an extremely attractive rifle, if it were a break-barrel perhaps the performance wouldn’t be on the same level.

Ideal Uses

Every air gun has its strengths and weaknesses while being better for some uses but not others. The Air Arms Tx200 is ideal for many uses, however, the .177 caliber rifle and .22 calibers both have their own ideal uses and share some usage strengths as well. Here is a list of uses that the Tx200 excels at and which caliber is best suited to each.

Serious Target Practice and Competition Shooting

Due to its great power and superior accuracy, the Tx200 is the ideal air rifle for serious target shooting and competition uses. The best caliber variant for this application has to be the .177 for its high velocity and better performance over long-distance. This air rifle has plenty of power to carry a well-suited, good quality .177 pellet long distances while still hitting hard and accurately.

The Air Arms Tx200 does not come with any open sights or scope so if you are looking to shoot targets seriously then you will need to purchase a decent scope to accompany it. We can suggest the Simmons 8-Point Scope for serious target shooting. This air rifle combined with this scope gives you an accurate article for even the most demanding of target shooting situations.

Backyard Plinking and Casual Target Practice

Both caliber variants (.177 and .22) of the Air Arms Tx200 perform well for casual target shooting and backyard plinking, however, make sure you have a large enough yard and are shooting with a sufficient backstop. This rifle’s power and accuracy make it extremely fun to decimate cans and bottles with but keep power in mind when shooting in close proximity to your neighbor’s yard. Don’t use this rifle for backyard applications if you feel there is not enough space to shoot safely.

If you’re concerned about a lack of space in your backyard, then this rifle is probably not ideal as a backyard plinker. You would be better off finding a separate air rifle in the multi-pump category such as the Benjamin 392 so you can adjust the power to your situation. That aside, the Tx200 is an enjoyable gun for casual use if the land or backyard you are using it on has sufficient space to cater for its power.

Hunting Game and Controlling Pests

The Tx200’s great power and brilliant accuracy make it the perfect weapon of choice for hunting and pest control. If you are looking for a great hunting outfit, then consider coupling the Air Arms Tx200 in .22 caliber with the UTG Hunter Scope. This combo is sure to take down quarry at range both accurately and humanely.

You will find the Tx200 a pleasure to use in the field and you will quickly build up a freezer full of game meat or get on top of that pesky pest problem on your property. Whether you are looking for a powerful article for use in the field or simply something to have around your property to pick off squirrels, raccoons, or corvids, this rifle will be sure to please you.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of the Air Arms Tx200 air rifle is ahead of its time and the top of its class. Its great power, accuracy, consistency, and usability all come together to produce a high-quality article that is perfect for multiple uses. The .177 variant is perfect for serious target practice and competition shooting whereas the .22 is ideal for casual plinking and target practice but ideal for serious hunting applications.

This hard-hitting, accurate powerhouse will not disappoint when it comes to performance and build quality. Its original styling is pleasing to look at, functional, and is sure to leave anyone that aets eyes on it speechless from its beauty. The high-quality materials used and the care that has gone into this rifle’s crafting make it the perfect display piece while also being durable and functional enough to take into the field to decimate targets and quarry.

Consider the Air Arms Tx200 if you are looking for a mechanically powered air rifle with outstanding quality and performance. If you desire a springer without the drawbacks of a break-barrel and the pronounced recoil that this rifle type brings then this gun is the best choice for you.

  • Beautifully crafted with desirable styling
  • Hard-hitting with .177 great for target practice and .22 being the ideal hunting weapon
  • Extremely accurate and precise especially for a springer
  • A great trigger that is a pleasure to use
  • Very consistent compared to others in its class
  • User friendly and enjoyable to shoot
  • Dovetail grooves for solid scope mounting
  • Excellent all-rounder with little bad points
  • A little loud but quiet enough to hunt with
  • No open sights or scope


The Air Arms Tx200 Air Rifle is a brilliant choice for the connoisseur searching for a powerful springer to use for serious target practice or hunting situations. Whether you are using the .177 for competitions and accurate target shooting or the .22 to take down prey in the field or pests on your property, you certainly will not be disappointed by the brilliance the Tx200 brings. If it is beauty combined with outstanding performance you desire, then look no further than this revolutionary air rifle. Happy shooting!

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