Vaultek Safe Reviews – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

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Vaultek safes have earned a solid reputation for durability, quality and security, and if you read a Vaultek safe review chances are the feedback will be positive. But which one should you buy?

Their vault safes come with a host of security features such as biometrics, backlit numeric keys, companion apps, remote control and so on. If you have never purchased a gun safe before, all of this will sound confusing.

That is why I prepared these reviews and buyer’s guide. I know how hard it can be to pick them out so I did the research. I have here the top 7 gun safes from Vaultek, each with a detailed review.

I covered all the vital points so you’ll know what type of gun safe it is, the level of security it provides and how they work.

If you want to learn more about these products, read on.

Top 7 Vaultek Safe: Comparison

NameSafe TypeDimensionsWeightView on Amazon
Vaultek VT20iBiometric11.0” x 5.75” x 2.0”9.9 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek VT20Auto Open Lid11.0” x 5.75” x 2.0”10.2 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek VT10iBiometric9.8” x 5.25” x 1.5”8 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek VE10Auto Open Lid9.8” X 5.25” X 1.5”7.7 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek PRO VTiAuto Open Lid13.7” x 6.5” x 2.75”8 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek VR10Auto Open Lid9.875″ wide X 5.375″ deep X 1.5″ tall5. 8 poundsCheck Price
Vaultek PRO VTAuto Open Lid13.7” x 6.5” x 2.75”8.7 poundsCheck Price
Safe Type
11.0” x 5.75” x 2.0”
9.9 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
Auto Open Lid
11.0” x 5.75” x 2.0”
10.2 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
9.8” x 5.25” x 1.5”
8 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
Auto Open Lid
9.8” X 5.25” X 1.5”
7.7 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
Auto Open Lid
13.7” x 6.5” x 2.75”
8 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
Auto Open Lid
9.875″ wide X 5.375″ deep X 1.5″ tall
5. 8 pounds
View on Amazon
Safe Type
Auto Open Lid
13.7” x 6.5” x 2.75”
8.7 pounds
View on Amazon

Best Vaultek Safes Reviewed

Best Overall : Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

The VT20i Vaultek gun safe makes my list for its superior features and superb security features. The safe also makes good use of technology including a rechargeable battery.

Vaultek Mobile App

Available for Android and iOS mobile devices, it allows you to change several aspects of the safe like the sound alert volume and LED light intensity. The app also notifies you if battery level is low and can even open the safe.

Enhanced Theft Protection

The VT20i has enhanced security brackets, new hinges, durable impact latches and anti-pry bar mechanisms.

Biometric Access

It’s easy to program the biometric fingerprint so a single tap opens the safe. Alternatively you can utilize the backlit keypad to unlock the safe

Heavy Duty Construction

The VT20i is made from 16 gauge carbon steel plus anti-corrosion finish. This ensures the gun safe will last for years.

Lithium Ion Battery

The gun safe takes just 2 1/2 hours to fully charge on the micro-USB charger. The long battery life makes this gun safe practical to use.

LED Lighting

The lighting is clear and works very well in low light situations. The LED light inside the safe lets you see the items inside while the backlit keypad lets you punch the combination even if it’s dark.


The VT20i is lighter than other gun safes so you’ll be able to move and mount this without any difficulty.

Bottom Line

The VT20i is an outstanding gun safe, easy to use, with lots of high end security features that will keep your gun secure. The inclusion of an app makes the VT20i even easier to use.

What I Like
  • Easy to operate
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Portable
  • Excellent anti-theft protection
  • Rugged built
What I Didn’t Like
  • Fits only one gun
  • The safe is not waterproof

Runner-Up : Vaultek VT20 Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT20 Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

The VT20 is a gun safe you can rely on to keep your firearm secure. It is also equipped with several features that make it practical to use if you’re always on the move.

Backlit Keypad

The VT20 has an easy to use backlit keypad that makes it easy to get to your valuables. In case of an emergency your pistol is always within reach.


You can customize the light brightness and check the battery level with one tap. The VT20 also allows for remote access and opening.

Powerful Batteries

The VT20 uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, taking only 2 and half hours to charge. These batteries are designed for months’ long usage for convenience.

Anti-Pry Mechanisms

The VT20 has a couple of anti-impact latches to deter pry bar use. Its internal hinges have been designed so no one can get into it.


One of the trademarks of Vaultek safes is portability, and that applies here. Even if you put your pistol in the safe it is still easy to carry around.

Easy to Mount

The VT20 comes with all the mounting hardware you’ll need to set it up. A 55 mm, 4 ft steel cable is provided, and the hardware simplifies setup.

16 Gauge Carbon Steel

The VT20 is made from 16 gauge carbon steel with anti-corrosion powder finish.

Bottom Line

The VT20 is a well-rounded gun safe that provides a nice balance of security and ease of use. The battery life is excellent and features comparable to more expensive gun safes.

What I Like
  • Provides easy access
  • Has a convenient battery saving mode
  • Companion app tracks time when the safe is opened
  • Excellent anti theft protection
  • LED lighting is excellent
What I Didn’t Like
  • The gun safe is a bit heavy when filled up
  • Not fireproof

Vaultek VT10i Lightweight Biometric Handgun Safe Smart Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT10i Lightweight Biometric Handgun Safe Smart Pistol Safe

The VT10i Vaultek hand gun safe has a long lasting rechargeable battery for extended use. Its companion app uses Bluetooth technology to simplify operation.

Powerful Batteries

Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries charge in 2.5 hours and last for four months. The VT10i also has an AC adapter if you want to run in on electrical power.

Mobile App

The Vaultek VT10i has Bluetooth support, and with its mobile app you can adjust the alert volume, the battery life status and adjust brightness. The app also allows you to unlock the gun safe remotely and review access history.


The VT10i is equipped with interior LED lighting so you can see the contents inside. The backlit keypad is well lit so it’s accessible even in the dark.

Convenient Access

The VT10i is built with security brackets to keep the content safe. Its heavy duty latches are designed to keep intruders away as well. At the same time the keypad and biometric scanner makes the app easy to open.


The VT10i is a lightweight gun safe that makes it easy to relocate.

Durable Built

The Vt10i is made from 16 gauge steel. Its powder coating prevents rust and corrosion but it doesn’t add to the weight. The interior is 18 gauge carbon steel, giving it extra durability.

Bottom Line

The VT10i is one of the easiest gun safes you can use but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to security. The color options also makes it pleasing to the eyes.

What I Like
  • The gun safe is solidly built
  • The biometrics run smoothly
  • Several color options available
  • Comes with 2 manual keys
  • AC power adapter included
What I Didn’t Like
  • The safe is big enough for one gun
  • Scanner only works with clean and dry fingerprints

Vaultek VE10

Vaultek VE10

The VE10 is for you if you need a secure and compact gun safe. Like other Vaultek products it is made of quality components.

Lighting for Easy Viewing

The VE10 has a LED light in the interior so even if it’s dark you’ll be able to see the insides easily. A proximity sensor is built in that illuminates the keypad for convenient access in dimly lit environments.

Keypad Shortcuts

We use keyboard shortcuts on computers and that applies here too. There are shortcuts to turn audio on or off, update battery status and more.

Time Out Mode

Worried someone may try to guess the VE10 security code? No need to be as the VE10 goes into sleep mode and times out when someone tries to guess the code.

Secure Keypad

The VE10 keypad is very responsive so you can quickly enter your passcode combination. There is also an auto open lid for increased security and convenience.

Compact and Lightweight

The VE10 is light and compact enough to put in your bag. You can take the gun safe anywhere you want to go. Or you can secure it on a floor or wall via the pre-drilled mounting holes.

Heavy Duty Built

The VE10 is made from 18 gauge steel for greater durability. The uni-body construction reinforces the body, plus it has anti-pry bars.

Bottom Line

The VE10 is a no frills, no hassle gun safe. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features but is still effective at what it does.

What I Like
  • Steel security cable ii>
  • Micro USB battery charger charges fast
  • Manual keys are provided
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Slim design makes the VE10 portable
What I Didn’t Like
  • Interior space could have been bigger
  • Does not have any smart technology feature

Vaultek PRO VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Multiple Pistol Safe

Vaultek PRO VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Multiple Pistol Safe

One of the best Vaultek safe is the VTi as it comes with a lot of features that will keep your gun safe. It’s also bigger than the average gun safe but still light.

Spacious Interior

The VTi allows you to put 2 handguns inside or 1 handgun and lots of ammo. This makes it more practical than buying separate gun safes.

Power Options

You can run the gun safe from a power adapter for nonstop use. Or you can run it from the rechargeable lithium ion batteries if you’re going to travel.

The VTi uses lithium-ion batteries, and like the others in the Vaultek series it is good for 4 months.


The VTi has interior hinges to prevent tampering. The gun safe also has dual anti-impact latches and anti-pry bars to keep intruders at bay.

Rugged Built

The VTi is made of 12 gauge heavy duty carbon steel for enhanced strength. The powder coat finish serves as protection against corrosion.

Smart Technology Features

The VTi has the mart Align biometric fingerprint scanner for extra security. There’s also a smart key for quick access and manual keys.


Like other Vaultek gun safes, the VTi has LED interior lighting for easy viewing of the contents.

Upgraded Interior

The VTi interior comes with cell foam padding to protect the interior. The padding is non absorbent so your gun is fully protected.

Bottom Line

The Pro VTi is a well constructed gun safe, with good security features and easy to use. With space for 2 pistols it’s definitely a plus.

What I Like
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent anti-theft protection
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Smart Safe technology
What I Didn’t Like
  • Fingerprint scanner setup could be faster
  • Alarm sound is a bit weak

Vaultek VR10 Bluetooth Handgun Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe

Vaultek VR10 Bluetooth Handgun Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe

The VR10 is built for those who want a durable and compact gun safe. It is also made from quality parts and precision engineered for security.

Rugged Built

The VR10 is made from 18 gauge steel, with the interior and exterior both reinforced. The gun safe also meets the TSA guidelines for design.

Anti Tamper Protection

The VR10 has anti-impact latches and anti pry bars to protect your gun. These two features along with others keep intruders away.

Smart Features

The VR10 has a downloadable app that allows you to control various aspects like remote access, check history and be notified of tampering attempts.

Quick Mount

The VR10 is bundled with the essential mounting hardware and pre-drilled mounting holes.  Using these you’ll be able to secure the VR10 on a wall or floor. It comes with a 4 foot steel security cable for your convenience.

Easy Access

You can open the gun safe via the manual keys or the backlit keypad. The keypad has a sensor built in so it’s easier to navigate in low lit areas.

Security Features

The VR10 has a 4 minute sleep mode that kicks in when someone tries to tamper with the passcode.

Hotkey Shortcuts

The VR10 comes with several shortcut keys for the most common tasks checking the battery status, toggle sound on and off and more. These shortcuts make the safe easier to use.

Bottom Line

The VR10 is a good example of what a gun safe should be like, easy to use but well secured.  It’s also one of the best when it comes to using smart features.

What I Like
  • Easy to access
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • Smart technologies well implemented
  • Portable
  • Manual keys included
What I Didn’t Like
  • For one pistol only
  • The keypad is made of plastic

Vaultek PRO VT Full-Size Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Multiple Pistol Safe

Vaultek PRO VT Full-Size Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Multiple Pistol Safe

The Pro VT is one of the best Vaultek gun safe for the money, as it’s complete with a rechargeable battery and auto open lid. Its anti theft protection is also superior to those found in other gun safes.


The Pro VT has advanced impact detection to break in attempts. It also comes with dual anti-impact latches and anti pry bars to keep would-be intruders away.

Interior Space

The Pro VT has enough room for two handguns or one handgun and other magazines.

Durable Build

The Pro VT is constructed from heavy duty 12 gauge carbon steel for extra strength. It also has a powder coat finish to keep corrosion and rust away.

Multiple Access Points

The Pro VT lets you access the safe via its smart key. You can also open the gun safe using the manual keys, the Bluetooth app or the lit keypad.

Long Lasting Batteries

Like other Vaultek safes the Pro VT uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extra power.


The Pro VT is built for handguns, but you can also use it for documents, papers, jewelry and other valuables.

Smart Safe Technology

The Pro VT mobile app allows you to control the gun safe from a distance. With its smart features you’ll be able to turn the hotkeys on/off while keeping the other functions active.

Bottom Line

The VT is a very nice gun safe, combining outstanding security features and portability. For securing your gun but still be accessible when needed, the VT is as good an option as any.

What I Like
  • Has space for 2 pistols
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • Compact design
  • Companion app allows for remote access
  • Multiple entry options
What I Didn’t Like
  • Shipping package could use improvement
  • Larger than other Vaultek gun safes

The History of the Vaultek Safe Brand

Vaultek is a US based company that specializes in gun safes and related hardware and accessories. The company was founded by professionals and gun safe specialists.

Vaultek was able to attract the attention of gun enthusiasts for their durability, ease of use and quality. Vaultek also solidified its reputation by creating high quality gun safes.

Through the years, the company have released different types of gun safes. New features were added like biometric scanners, LED light,  smart technology, USB charging cable and more.

Vaultek is not as old as other gun safe manufacturers, but it has already made its mark with their innovative products. Even though the company is well known, they continue to make high quality and innovative gun safes.

Since releasing the original Vaultek gun safes, the company has invested heavily in research and development to create more other variants. Today there are different versions available, but what they all high quality.

Where are Vaultek Safes Made?

Vaultek gun safes are made in the United States, and each product undergoes a rigid evaluation process before being sold.

Unlike other companies, Vaultek retains full control over the manufacturing process to ensure the product matches their high standards. The company has several factories in the US where these gun safes are made.

Highly trained engineers and specialists are in charge of developing these products. It is for these reasons why the name Vaultek has become synonymous with quality.

A lot of gun safe companies have come and gone because of poor quality control. Vaultek has taken steps to ensure that does not happen by assuming full control and supervision over the manufacturing process.

Why Buy a Vaultek Gun Safe?

Vaultek gun safes are precision engineered to perfection. These aren’t just your typical gun safe as they have other features that enhance their quality.

  • Theft and Tampering Protection: Vaultek gun safes have mechanisms to deter break in attempts. These include anti-pry bars, interior hinges and others to keep your gun secure.
  • Different Capacities: some Vaultek gun safes are for a single gun while others are for 2 or more. This means that whatever capacity you need, there’s a Vaultek gun safe for it.
  • Dependable: many Vaultek gun safes are made of heavy duty gauge steel so it’s built to last.
  • Ease of Use: Vaultek allows you to unlock gun safes in multiple ways. Options include biometric fingerprints, manual keys, remote access and more. This provides you with a good deal of versatility.
  • Smart Technology: there are a lot of Vaultek gun safes with smart technology to enhance its performance.
  • Lighting: many of these gun safes have LED lighting so you can view the interior without problem.
  • Convenient to Use: Vaultek allows you to use a rechargeable batteries or a direct power source.
  • Versatile: you can use a Vaultek gun safe for documents and other valuables.
  • Accessories: these gun safes come with a USB charger and mounting hardware so you can secure the safe on walls or floors.
  • Multiple Options: these gun safes have different features so you can pick and choose the one you need.

Final Verdict

Each of these gun safes have unique features that set each other apart. The Pro VT and the Pro VTi are ideal if you need space for two guns. If you are interested in the mobile app, check out the VT10i, the VT20 or the VT20i

If you’re looking for different color options try the VT10i, while the VE10 is notable for being light. But if you are looking for the ones with the best features, the VT20i is what I’d recommend.

As the VT20i Vaultek safe review has indicated, this gun safe is secure, easy to use and makes it easy to access your firearm when you need it. Its implementation of mart tech is also exceptional.

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